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Lost Mary MO5000 x Elf Bar Disposable Vape

Lost Mary MO5000 x Elf Bar Disposable Vape

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  • E-liquid capacity: 13.5ml
  • 5000 puffs approx.
  • 500mAh rechargeable battery
  • Mesh coil
  • 50mg (5%) strength
  • USB-C charger not included

Flavor Descriptions

  • Berry Rose Duo Ice: Experience the bewitching dance of tangy mixed berries wrapped in delicate rose petals. This icy embrace will leave your taste buds feeling invigorated.

  • Black Duo Ice: Dive into the dark, luscious flavors of blackberries and succulent blackcurrants. They have been masterfully balanced with a frosty chill, creating a bold and exhilarating vape blend that satisfies with every inhale.

  • Black Mint: The Black Mint Lost Mary MO5000 vape mixes an icy mint with a freshly-picked blackberry flavor.

  • Blackcurrant Mint: Indulge in the bold and irresistible calling of hand picked blackcurrants combined with a refreshing burst of fresh mint. This is a fantastic collaboration of fruity sweetness and rejuvenating freshness.

  • Blueberry Raspberry Lemon: The Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Lost Mary MO5000 vape is a well-balanced fruit blend that adds a tangy lemon zest to a sweet blueberry and raspberry flavor.

  • Blue Razz Ice: A thrilling fusion of sweet blue raspberries and icy menthol that drops a totally invigorating vaping experience on your tongue.

  • Blue Trio: A triple fusion of exotic pomegranate, sweet blueberries and ripe raspberries creates a sophisticated flavor profile you’ll fall in love with puff after perfect puff.

  • Cherry Lemon: The Cherry Lemon Lost Mary MO5000 rechargeable vape adds a kick of sour lemon to a sweet cherry for a well-balanced vape experience.

  • Citrus Sunrise: The Citrus Sunrise Lost Mary MO5000 vape stirs up a freshly-squeezed orange taste with other tropical fruit flavors.

  • Energize: The Energize Lost Mary MO5000 vape uses the familiar taste of a popular energy drink. The MO5000 disposable vape device provides up to 5000 puffs of incredible flavor with a new, upgraded coil.

  • Fuji Duo Ice: This stellar fusion of Fuji apples and perfect pears is made even better with the addition of a cool menthol taste on the exhale. Supercharge your vaping experience with this crispy cool temptation.

  • Ginger Beer: The Ginger Beer Lost Mary MO5000 uses a unique, lemon and ginger beer vape juice flavoring that adds a light ice on exhale.

  • Grape Jelly: The Grape Jelly Lost Mary MO5000 rechargeable vape uses a sweetened grape jam taste in every puff.

  • Guava Ice: Tropical guava gets together with a pure menthol taste, creating a well balanced fusion of fruity sweetness with a touch of chill on each inhale.

  • Kiwi Fuse: The Kiwi Fuse Lost Mary MO5000 rechargeable vape uses a tropical blend of kiwi, passion fruit and guava flavorings.

  • Kiwi Dragon Duo Ice: Exotic kiwi and dragon fruits have joined together with a frozen chill. This thoughtful balance of tropical sweetness and refreshing coolness will transport you to a blissful puff paradise.

  • Lemon Sparkling Wine: The Lemon Sparkling Wine Lost Mary MO5000 rechargeable vape uses a mix of sweet and sour lemon flavors with a refreshing icy mint on exhale.

  • Mango Peach: The Mango Peach Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape blends a sweet Alphonso mango flavor with a ripe peach.

  • Mango Peach Watermelon: The popular Mango Peach Watermelon Lost Mary MO5000 flavor merges a delicious mango and ripe peach with a sweet and sour watermelon. A well-balanced fruit blend of sweet and tangy tastes.

  • Miami Mint: “Welcome to South Beach” with this chillaxing mint flavor! Vacation relaxation rejuvenation is the sensation with every puff.

  • Pineapple Apple Pear: The Pineapple Apple Pear Lost Mary MO5000 vape is prefilled with a refreshing vape juice fruit blend of pineapple, apple and pear flavors.

  • Plum Rose Mint: Imagine the essence of delicate plums with a cool and invigorating minty taste, creating a unique flavor fusion that's mysteriously refreshing.

  • Strawberry Ice: A juicy strawberry bomb blended with a chilled ice cold fuse, delivering an explosion of sweet fruitiness and icy coolness that will leave you wide eyed and bushy tailed.

  • Strawberry Watermelon Ice: You will dig this one! It is a super fresh fusion of juicy strawberries and ripe watermelons, perfectly chilled and balanced! You’ll want to add it to your list of favorites for sure.

  • Triple Berry Ice: Come together with the irresistible flavors of ripe strawberries, tangy raspberries, and wild mountain blueberries, enhanced by a frosty blast of menthol, resulting in a deliciously fruity trip to the clouds.

  • Tropical Fruit: Captures the essence of an island paradise with a medley of crazy good tropical fruits, such as pineapple, mango and papaya, creating a vibrant and juicy flavor profile from then islands mon’.

  • Watermelon Cherry: The Watermelon Cherry Lost Mary MO5000 rechargeable vape provides a blast of watermelon and cherry flavors in every puff.

  • Watermelon Ice: The Watermelon Lost Mary MO5000 vape uses a premium mesh coil and top-notch juicy watermelon vape flavorings to provide a tasty vape experience.

  • Yummy: The Yummy Lost Mary MO5000 vape mixes variety of sweet tropical fruit flavors into one fantastic vape experience.
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