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BLANKZ! Refillable Pods

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About BLANKZ! Refillable Pods

Why Choose BLANKZ! Compatible PODS?

BLANKZ! Refillable JUUL Compatible PODS are designed to be refilled and reused!

  • New & Improved 1.4ohm coil for excellent flavor
  • 1 pack of BLANKZ! includes 4 empty PODS

Trying to quit high strengths?

  • Choose from our selection of available nicotine options. 

Product Features:

  • BLANKZ! PODS guarantee enhanced flavor quality compared to pre-filled, closed pods. 
  • Convenient mouthpiece removal for mess free filling/refilling. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 619 reviews
Imari H.
Very Good Pods!

For someone who loves the juul, but doesn’t vape nicotine these are great!

Chayse Grizzell
Just a couple of things

1. Shipping cost is absurd. I went with another pod company for this reason.
2. The pods seem to lose connection with the juul battery pretty often after 1 use. I find myself having to with push the pod down or taking it out then reinserting several times to even get it to work for 1 hit. Then have to repeat for the next hit.. very frustrating.

Evan Drews
Theyre okay.

Every single time i order these, at least half of them only get one use with no refills. The other half i get about 1 & 1/2 - 2 refills. Its still cheaper than the juul pods, but im probably going to switch to another device with higher quality refillables.

Oh and the support is basically non existent.