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Innovative Resilience in Regulatory Times

For fans of the Juul who miss the diverse flavor options, the landscape of vaping has dramatically changed since the flavor ban in February 2020. While Juul's flavored pods were a hit, they became the main target of legislation aimed at reducing vape use among teens. Now, natural flavors like tobacco and menthol dominate the market. But if these options don't satisfy your taste buds, don't worry. We offer an excellent alternative that brings back the variety and satisfaction you've been missing.

With the ban on flavored pre-filled pods, many Juul enthusiasts are left with limited choices. Natural flavors available in Juul pods, like Tobacco and Menthol, are still on the shelves but lack the appeal of their former varied counterparts. Meanwhile, disposable vapes have emerged as a loophole, offering a range of flavors but at a higher cost due to their single-use nature. At Blankz Pods, we've innovated a solution that aligns with the new regulations and revives the diverse flavor experience you crave. Our refillable pods are designed to deliver the flavors you love in a cost-effective and convenient way.

The BLANKZ! Difference

Blankz! is committed to your health and wellness. We create an enjoyable experience for you to get your nicotine fix, including the same psychological and physical components of the smoking habit, but without the toxic smoke. According to the CDC, “Cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths each year in the United States. This is nearly one in five deaths.”

At Blankz! Your health comes first. We offer only the highest quality refillable and disposable pods that fit in your pocket so that you can take a puff whenever you need it - no lighter necessary. We offer full product lines from brands like Elf Bar, RAZ, Geek Bar, and more.

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