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Priv Bar Vape Turbo

Priv Bar Vape Turbo

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  • Approximately 10000 to 14000 puffs. 
  • USB-C rechargeable battery. 
  • Battery and E-Liquid level indication.
  • Adjustable airflow. 

Flavor Descriptions

Blue Razz Lemon: Which flavor comes first? The blueberry burst, the raspberry “razz” or the lemon freshness? They will all hit you simultaneously, with tasteful perfection. 

Strawberry Mint Candy: Succulent strawberries do a graceful dance on your happy palate followed by cool mint undertones. The result is a symphony of sweet freshness.

Dr. Cherry: You’ll be amazed by the rich, complex taste of Dr. Cherry. This vape flavor blends tasty notes of dark cherries for a smooth and sophisticated profile that's sweet and super satisfying.

Triple Mango: The delectable taste of ripe Thai mangoes x 3 is jammed into this vape choice. It is a luscious and exotic vaping adventure just bursting with flavor.

Watermelon Kiwi:  If you are looking for the perfect harmony of Watermelon and Kiwi, stop here! This flavor combo delivers a blast of juicy watermelon and a tangy twist of kiwi. It’s a truly delightful and well balanced vape experience.

Triple Apple Ice: Buckle your seat belts and prepare for an icy apple adventure with Triple Apple Ice. It features layers of three apple varieties and finishes with a menthol kick. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a funky fruit fusion.

Watermelon Chill: This one delivers a walloping punch of cold watermelon juice. Enjoy the big, ice cold finish on the exhale anytime at all.

Cherry Paradise:  Escape to Cherry Paradise! There you’ll enjoy this bold and luscious vape overflowing with sun-kissed ripe cherries at your fingertips. It’s puff paradise!

Florida Lemonade: It’s all about the citrusy taste of Florida Lemonade. It captures the essence of fresh squeezed lemons from the Sunshine State, for a tangy sunny day vape!

Alaskan Mint: This frozen flavor combines the cool sensation of menthol with a touch of mint. It’s an Arctic-inspired vape trip that's cool, refreshing and electrifying.

Honolulu Blue: Let’s puff in the tropical paradise of Honolulu with Honolulu Blue. This vape flavor is filled with different exotic fruits finished with a touch of blue raspberry. It’s a sweet and vibrant taste that captures the feeling of island living.

Peach Berry Ice: Your senses will feel refreshed when you taste the cold fusion of Peach Berry Ice. This flavor fusion features ripe peaches and mixed berries topped with a cool menthol breeze. 

Blackberry Peach Lemon: This is a crazy blend of blackberries, ripe peaches and a big squeeze of lemon juice. The result is a complex vape fusion boasting sweet, citrusy notes with a distinct blackberry finish.

Blue Razz Watermelon: Radiant blueberries and raspberries whipped briskly with fresh watermelon juice makes this one of the most palate pleasing puffs available today.  

Kiwi Straw Bubblegum: A happy vape experience featuring a blend of kiwi and strawberry all drenched in the sweet taste of bubblegum. One taste and this playful fruit concoction is impossible to put down.

Raspberry Pomegranate: It is easy to captivate your senses with this tart, ripe raspberries and deep rich pomegranate vape. It is a carefully crafted vape flavor that highlights its fruity complexities and unique taste.

Tropical Lime Blast: Blast off with this thrill ride of tropical lime taste! Bright citrus meets up with a bushel of tropical fruits for a fun and refreshing vape you’ll love anytime of day or night. 

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