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The Truth Behind Vape Headaches!

While we can all agree the many benefits of vaping, mainly being the better alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, there are many reports of headaches and migraines that are induced by vaping. Well, we have created a perfect guide to help treat your vaping headaches!

What Causes Vape Headaches?

First, it’s important to understand what causes vape headaches. If you’re new to pod vaping, the high level of nicotine may be the issue. Nicotine, when vaped, tightens your blood vessels reducing the blood flow which in return, causes a headache. Because pod systems usually require salt nicotine e-liquids, the nicotine strengths are much higher and is easier to absorb in your body than vaping Sub-Ohm Juice. 

If you’re new to vaping or transitioning from cigarettes, we recommend vaping at a lower nicotine strength.

There are many reports of propylene glycol being the cause of headaches. Even though PG is an organic compound and one of the main ingredients in all vape e-liquids, it is a water solvent. This means that when you inhale vapor, the PG absorbs the water from nearby surroundings, causing dehydration. 

How to Prevent Vape Headaches

Don’t let vape headaches discourage you and your transition to a healthier lifestyle! It’s just as easy to cure your vape headaches as it to get them! 

  • Cut back on your nicotine strength: If you believe your headaches are caused from high nicotine levels of pod vaping, try using 2.5% (25mg) rather than 5% (50mg.) If you’re unsure about the nicotine strengths of our e-liquids, check out our collection of 2.5% (25mg) salt nicotine e-liquids.
  • Choose different flavors: From sweet and tart, to tobacco flavors, BLANKZ! Offers the freedom to choose your own flavor. Some flavor profiles may cause headaches due to varying degrees of sweetness. However, for optimal performance, we recommend choosing a salt nic with 30PG/70VG ratio.
  • If your headaches are caused by PG
    • Drink a lot of water throughout your vaping session to replenish your body of liquids.
    • Take smaller hits and don’t chain vape your pod system as you will be intaking a lot of nicotine as well as pg. 
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