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Get Your Empty Juul Pods and More Here At Blankz Pods

Now that flavored Juul pods have left store shelves, we are happy to offer Juul vape users a suitable alternative. Over the past few years, as the Juul pod vaporizer system became more and more popular, users grew to love their flavored prefilled nicotine salt pods. Now that the flavored pod ban has removed Juul’s most popular flavors from stores, the only way to enjoy flavored vapor using your Juul is to make your own flavored pods using our empty Juul pods. Not only do these pods make it easy to create your favorite Juul flavors, but you can also explore new flavor profiles that Juul never offered.

The recent flavor ban was written to specifically target the sale of prefilled disposable flavored vape pods. The motivation behind this was to prevent the use of these pods by underage users, who enjoyed the convenience and tasty flavors Juul offered. Even though many, if not the majority of users were enjoying their flavored Juul pods legally, the ban still removed everything but tobacco and menthol flavors from stores. Now many former Juul users are abandoning their Juul devices in favor of alternative devices because they can’t get their favorite flavored pods anymore.

While you can no longer buy your favorite flavored Juul pods, you can make them yourself. The flavor ban only covers prefilled, disposable vape pods. This means that you can take our empty Juul pods and use them to create any flavor pods you can imagine. You are only limited by your ability to buy flavored nicotine salt e-liquids. Once you find an e-liquid you love, all you have to do is fill up your pods and then continue to use your Juul like you always have.

The process of refilling our pods is extremely simple. All you have to do is remove the mouthpiece of the pod to expose the two fill holes on either side of the central chimney. These holes should be secured by a small plastic cover, which has to be removed prior to filling. Once the holes are fully exposed, place the spout of your e-liquid bottle into each hole and fill them nearly to the top. Be sure to not overfill, as you will have to fit the fill hole cover back into place when you are finished. Once this is completed, you can snap the mouthpiece back into place and your pod will be ready to use.

A Juul brand pod holds about 0.7 milliliters of e-liquid while our Blankz pods can hold a full milliliter. This means that every Blankz pod you use should last over 40% longer than a Juul pod. This means that you can refill your pods less and enjoy them for longer. Pod per day vapers should be nearly a day and a half worth of vaping from every Blankz pod they fill.

Each of our Blankz! Pods empty Juul pods can be filled with the nicotine salt e-liquid of your choice up to three times. Just like the coils in a traditional vape atomizer, the coils inside our Blankz pods are going to accumulate residue over time and, after enough use, this will start to produce a burnt taste while vaping. While we wish we could create a pod that featured a replaceable coil, this feature would take up most of the room within the pod and the coils used in these pods are extremely small and delicate.

We offer our Blankz pods in convenient packs of four. Because each pod can be filled three times, this means that every pack you purchase will allow you to fill up 12 pods. Also, because of our pods larger e-liquid capacity, those 12 uses are the equivalent of about 17 Juul pods. As long as you are willing to take a few minutes to refill your pods, this means that a single pack of pods should last as long as four packs of Juul pods.

Not only does using these pods allow you to continue enjoying your favorite e-liquid flavors, but they can also help save you money. A pack of 4 Juul pods costs $15.99, meaning every pod is costing you about $4. For pod per day users, this cost can add up quickly. Instead of paying full price for limited options, we are here to help you save big on pods you will actually want to use.

One of our packs of pods only costs $12.50, giving a cost of only $1.04 per pod usage. You can also choose to add a 15ml bottle of e-liquid to your order for only $7. At this price point, you are only paying 46 cents per milliliter of e-liquid. This brings the total cost per filled pod to a nice even $1.50. That’s a savings of over 50%!

But the savings don’t end there. Our pods are holding more e-liquid than Juul’s pods, meaning that every Blankz pod you are vaping is the equivalent of 1.4 Juul pods. So, if you do that math, a $1.50 Blankz pod is equal to 1.4 $4 pods. This means that you are only spending $1.50 for every $5.60 you would spend on Juul pods. That is a savings of over 70%!

If you are used to vaping one Juul pod per day, you are going to save over one thousand dollars per year. All you have to do is spend about 30 seconds refilling each pod. If you don’t mind a little more math, 365 Juul pods is equal to 260 Blankz pods. If refilling each of those pods takes 30 seconds, you are going to spend a grand total of about 2 hours a year filling pods. So, when you switch to Blankz, every hour you spend filling pods is saving you $500. That’s not bad for an hour of easy work!

If you need some delicious nicotine salt e-liquids to fill your empty Juul pods, you are in luck. We have tested several types of e-liquid with our pods to ensure a quality leak and mess free experience every time. When you order any of our larger e-liquid options, a four pack of our Blankz pods is included in the price. You can also order our 15ml bottles individually if you do not need any pods. These 15ml bottles are also available as an add on when you order our pods from the pods and power section of our store.

Here at Blankz, we also offer our customers the option to create their own custom nicotine salt e-liquid flavors. Instead of just picking a generic product, our custom e-liquid options allow you to order a bottle of Shake brand liquid flavor to go with a bottle of Pure unflavored nicotine salt e-liquid. When you order our custom e-liquid, you will receive these two bottles and you can mix them entirely or experiment to gauge how much flavor is ideal for you. You can also order multiple flavors so you can play around with unique flavor combinations.

Different vapers have different flavor preferences and we have divided our e-liquid selection to make it easy to find the flavor profiles you will love. We have divided our custom e-liquid options into 3 categories. Choose between 15 fruit flavors, 10 dessert options, or 6 menthol flavors until you find the perfect flavor profile for you. These big 60ml bottles should last around a month and you can choose to create an 18mg, 35mg, or 50mg nicotine concentration.

Not only do we offer everything you need to make your own flavored Juul pods, but we can even help you power them. Obviously, you can use our pods with your existing Juul batteries, but these simple little batteries tend to be a pretty bare-bones options. If you want a battery that has a little more to offer, we have a few options for you to choose from to power your refillable Juul pods.

First, we have our original Blankz batteries. These sleek silver batteries are about 2/3s the length of a Juul while being about twice as wide. While still being small enough to discreetly and comfortably in your bag or pocket, this battery is loaded with features that you just won’t find on a Juul device.

One of the biggest design changes is the fact that our Blankz Battery is button firing instead of being draw-fired like the Juul. This means that when the device is not being used, the draw sensor will not be drawing power like a Juul would. This helps ensure a long battery life when using this battery. You can also turn our battery off and on by clicking the button five times. If you want to enjoy your vapor without using the button, you can click twice to engage the coil continuously until you press the button again.

You can also control the intensity of your vapor when using our battery. Our batteries have three distinct power settings that you can swap between by pushing the button three times. Each setting controls the level of voltage being sent to the coil, ranging from 3 volts to 3.7 volts. The settings include low, medium, and high. The indicator light on the battery will shine white, blue, or red respectively to indicate the power setting you are currently using. The higher the setting, the thicker the vapor will be when you draw.

Obviously continuous use of the high setting will use power faster and may fatigue the coils of your pods a little faster than the lower settings. The capacity of batteries is determined by a unit known as milliampere hours, which represents how many milliamperes(current) that the cell can provide for a full hour. The larger the capacity, the longer the battery life. The amperage being drawn on can be found by dividing the watts by the voltage, meaning the battery will draw more current as the power level increases. Luckily, our Blankz Batteries have a 350 mAh cell, which is 75% larger than the 200 mAh cells used in Juul batteries.

We are also excited to offer the Prism battery. These gorgeous faceted batteries are available in 5 colors options including black, white, red, blue/purple, and rainbow so you can find the perfect battery to fit your style. These batteries were designed to offer the draw-fired operation of a Juul battery with all of the other features of our Blankz Battery, with the exception of the continuous feature that was meant to imitate draw firing in our original design.

The Prism features our highest battery capacity to date, with a 380 mAh cell that, combined with the ability to turn the device off to conserve power, should last at least twice as long as a Juul battery. Both of our battery models can also be quickly recharged using a micro USB charging cable. The Prism also comes with a convenient lanyard attachment that can be used to keep your vape ready at a moment’s notice.

So if you miss the convenience of using your Juul pod vape system, you don’t have to find a new vaporizer system. With our convenient empty Juul pods, you can enjoy all of your favorite pod flavors and explore new flavor options that you have never seen before on store shelves. Here at Blankz! Pods, we want to make the process of enjoying your Juul device as easy and flavorful as possible. Just because you can’t find these flavored pods in stores does not mean you have to give up on your Juul. You can also bring your vaping to the next level with our custom e-liquids and feature-loaded batteries. Check out or shop to find more information on all of our amazing vapor products.


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