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Gas Station Robberies Over JUUL?

From the Bend Police in Oregon to the Stillwater Police in Minnesota, it seems that Police Departments are seeing a rise in gas station theft and robberies. What are these perpetrators accused of stealing you may ask? People are robbing stores of their JUUL batteries and pods!

Imagine this, you’re a convenience store clerk in Chelsea, New York, and two men come in. You get an uneasy feeling when they walk over to the counter, when suddenly they whip out a can of pepper spray and threaten you to stay still. Obviously your first reaction would be to give in to the demands as you don’t know what other weapons they have, and no life is worth risking over a few dollars. The two robbers then jump over the counter, takes two JUUL starter kits and some money. According to police, the robbers left with the JUUL's, but ended up leaving the cash! 

This is a strange trend that could be due to the higher nicotine strengths found in JUUL in comparison to other vapes and high prices for their hardware. Rather than having to steal to avoid their rising prices, there is a much simpler solution...BLANKZ! Pods. Each pack comes with 4 refillable pods and is almost half the cost of JUUL! 

Fun fact: One bottle of salt nicotine e-liquid and a few packs of BLANKZ! can last you a month compared to other pods that last you a day! Don’t be a fool to JUUL!

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