Blankz! Has the Best Empty Juul Pods For Sale

Nicotine salt vapes are quickly taking over the vape market. Unlike most mod and atomizer setups, these vapes are small and sleek. They can also deliver the nicotine vapers want quickly and discreetly, without producing the thick clouds that conventional vapes are famous for. This increase in nic salt vaping has led to the Juul system exploding in popularity as a convenient option for vape users. While many users love these vapes, the cost of replacement pods can add up quickly. Here at Blankz!, we offer easily refillable empty Juul pods for sale that our customers can use to save big while still enjoying their favorite vape flavors.

The Juul system is relatively simple. The core of Juul’s success is its pods. Every pod contains roughly 200 puffs of nic salt e-liquids, roughly equivalent in strength to a pack of cigarettes. These pods are disposable and are thrown away and replaced once they run out. Inside each of the pods, there is vape juice, a coil, a wick, and a chimney to deliver the vapor to the mouthpiece. This simple system means users never have to refill their tanks or replace their coils like conventional vape rigs.

To use the pods, you need to insert them into a battery that powers vaporizer. The sleek battery pack has a single small light to give the battery status and can be charged using a USB insert. The entire device is draw activated, so all you have to do is inhale to start vaping. One reason these devices have become so popular is their small size, which makes them easy to pocket and use discreetly. As a result, more and more users are turning to these vape devices.

Here at Blankz! Pods, we thoroughly enjoy the convenience of pod vape systems, but we felt restricted by only being able to vape the flavors that Juul and other pod-based vape companies offer. In order to make this style of vaping more accessible and affordable for everyone, we created our own refillable pod systems. While we are not affiliated with Juul, we designed our alternative pods and products to be compatible with their batteries as these batteries have quickly become the standard in the industry. If you are looking to save money while still enjoying your Juul vape, our empty vape pods for sale are a great option.

You can even purchase our pods with the delicious nicotine salt e-liquids you will need to refill them. We offer several brands on our site that have been tested in our pods and proven to work perfectly. Each of our empty vape pods can be refilled up to 3 times before the coils will begin to experience difficulty (like all vape coils will over time). The pods are designed to offer exceptional performance without leaking, making them an ideal alternative to expensive disposable pods.

So let’s break down the math. The base cost for a pack of Juul Pods is $15.99 for a pack of 4 prefilled disposable pods. This means that every pod is going to cost you about $4 before taxes. Our pods cost $12.50 for a pack of 4 empty pods, each of which can be refilled up to three times, meaning you are basically buying the equivalent of 12 pods. This means that each use of a pod is costing you $1.04. Each of our pods can hold one ml of nic salt e-liquid. If a 30ml bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid costs $25, that’s about $0.83 cents per ml. Combining these two figures reveals that using a filled Blankz pod costs $1.87 versus $4 for a Juul pod. By taking a few seconds to fill your own pods, you can cut the price in half and then some!

In addition to offering our empty vape pods for sale as a Juul alternative, we also produce our own pod system battery. Our battery is compatible with our pods as well as Juul pods but offers double the battery life of a Juul battery, allowing users to vape up to 2 pods on a single charge. Because our pods do not use a draw sensor, you can turn off the battery between uses to conserve charge. Our batteries also charge quickly and offer three voltage settings so you can control the intensity of your vapor.

So if you are looking to enjoy your pod vaporizer system without the high cost of disposable pods, it’s time to check out our empty Juul pods for sale. Our customers love the convenience of refilling their pods and the ability to choose whatever flavors they want. If you enjoy vaping and you want to take control of your vaping experience while saving money, our refillable pods are the best option on the market.

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