Best Nicotine Salt E-Liquids for BLANKZ! Refillable JUUL Compatible Pods

Nicotine salt, or salt nic, is a form of nicotine that is found naturally in tobacco leaves and allows quicker absorption into your body. Many vapers use nicotine salts for the reason that it provides a smoother hit compared to vaping traditional freebase nicotine. It’s important to note that nicotine salts are stronger than traditional eliquids, so a smaller amount can be vaped to achieve the same effect.

We ranked the best BLANKZ! Approved nicotine salt e-liquids so you can get only the best use out of your BLANKZ! Pods!

#1 California Grown Wavy Watermelon

  • Sweet mix of fruit and candy flavors
  • Watermelon aromas
  • Great throat hits

#2 California Grown Grizzly Apple

  • Delicious apple blend
  • Crisp and refreshing hit every time

#3 The Milkman Mango

  • Ripe juicy mango
  • Rich creamy essence
  • Easy flavor transition from traditional mango pods

#4 The Milkman Strawberry Ice

  • Refreshing menthol flavor
  • Freshly picked strawberries
  • Great alternative to traditional Menthol e-liquids

#5 Fresh Pressed Honeycomb Berry 

  • Limeade berry blast
  • Hint of honey
  • Smooth exhale

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