A Look At Our Refillable Juul Pods - BLANKZ! Pods

A Look At Our Refillable Juul Pods

A Look At Our Refillable Juul Pods - BLANKZ! Pods

When it comes to convenience, the Juul vaporizer was one of the greatest innovations of the last decade. These devices made vaping significantly more accessible for thousands of users by removing a significant amount of maintenance that came with the use of traditional box mod and atomizer vapes. Over the last few months many Juul fans have sadly had to abandon their Juul devices due to the fact that since February only natural tobacco and menthol flavored vape pods are allowed to be sold in stores. For vape users who love the Juul but miss the taste of flavored pods, we are happy to offer the convenience of our Blankz refillable Juul pods.

We started selling our refillable Juul pods long before the ban on pre-filled flavored vape pods. We first created Blankz Pods as a convenient way for Juul users to save money on their pods. Back then flavored pods were still on store shelves, but we were happy to find plenty of Juul users interested in saving money and choosing their own pods flavors.

The Need For Alternatives

Now that the flavor ban has gone into effect, more and more Juul users are looking for alternative vape options that offer them the same delicious vape flavors and convenience of the Juul. Plenty of refillable pod vaporizers exist, but many options are larger and less discreet compared to a sleek Juul vape. Because many vape users do not enjoy the taste of tobacco or menthol flavored pods, seeking out a new vape system often seems like the only option.

One of the most popular alternative vape options for Juul users has been disposable pod vaporizers. These vapes are almost identical to the Juul in terms of size and functionality, though the differences do make a pretty big difference. First of all these vaporizers are not designed to be used one that once. This means that the “pod” is built in and cannot be removed. It also means that there is no way to recharge the vaporizer’s battery. Users have to purchase the entire unit and then dispose of the entire vape like it was a spent pod.

Because users have to purchase the entire vaporizer every time one runs out, the cost of using fully disposable devices can quickly add up. Each portable vape has about the same e-liquid capacity as a vape pod, meaning that pod per day users should expect to purchase a new disposable daily. Options do exist with a large e-liquid capacity, but these vapes often come with a larger price tag. One way for vapers to get the same nicotine salt satisfaction while saving money is to use a refillable pod vaporizer. 

Refillable pod systems offer a lot of advantages over disposable vapes. Refillable pods can be used several times before they need to be disposed of or undergo some other form of maintenance depending on the device being used. Pods are simply refilled with e-liquid as needed and they can be used until the pod fails to perform. Just like with traditional vape coils, off tastes and popping are the most common indicators that it is time to replace your pod. These systems have the obvious advantage of being able to fill a pod several times, but most pod vaporizers are somewhat larger than the Juul, meaning that they will take up more space in a pocket or bag.

Our refillable Juul pods make it possible to take your existing Juul battery and transform it into a refillable pod vaporizer. This makes it easy for users to enjoy the convenience of using a vaporizer they already know and love. The refillable design of our pods also makes it possible for your Juul to offer you a wide variety of new flavor options.

How To Use Blankz Pods

When you first open up a pack of Blankz Pods, you will notice that they look very similar to the Juul brand pods that you are used to. Our pods have been designed with a footprint that will fit original Juul batteries as well as other Juul compatible pod mods. Even though our pods might look familiar to you, there are a few key differences to consider.

The most obvious difference in pod design is the fact that the mouthpieces on our Blankz pods can be easily removed in order to facilitate refilling. When you loosen and remove the mouthpiece, you will expose the small plastic fill hole cover on top of the pod. This cover will have to be removed in order to fill the pod. Once the fill hole cover is removed, you can squirt a little bit of e-liquid into each side of the pod. After the pod is full, but not filled to the brim, the cover can be securely replaced and the mouthpiece reattached.

Once the pod has been closed, it is designed to offer a secure and leak resistant fit. This means that you can treat our pods like your original Juul pods. Just fill up your pack of pods ahead of time and then you can enjoy a few days of just replacing your pods as needed. The entire process of filling our pods should only take a minute or two, especially once you have done it a few times.

When it comes to refilling our pods, their e-liquid storage capacity is larger than the original Juul brand pods. A Juul pod is designed to hold 0.7 ml of e-liquid. Our pods are designed to last just a little bit longer, with a single pod holding a full milliliter of e-liquid. This means that you can expect our pods to last about 40% longer than when you were using Juul brand pods.

Another huge benefit of our pods compared to Juul pods is the fact that they are not a single use option. Each of our Blankz pods can be refilled up to three times. After 3 refills you will probably begin to experience coil burn. This is a natural side effect of e-liquid residue building up on the pod’s coil, similar to what happens to the vape coils in rebuildable atomizers. Once you start to notice popping and off tasting vapor, you can dispose of that pod. Then all you have to do is grab a fresh pod and keep enjoying our Juul.


Let’s take a moment to look at the savings that comes with using our pods. As we already covered, each of our 1ml pods can be refilled up to three times. That means that each of our pods should be able to vaporize an average of 3 ml of e-liquid. A four pack of 0.7ml Juul pods holds a collective 2.8ml of e-liquid. That means that just a single Blankz pod can vaporize even more e-liquid than an entire pack of Juul pods.

An entire four pack of our pods costs $12.50, which is already a great deal compared to the $15.99 cost of a four pack of Juul pods. As far as the cost of e-liquid, let’s assume it’s about $0.50 per milliliter, though buying in bulk can cut this cost significantly. Filling up a four pack of our pods just once would cost $14.50. This means that even if you only filled our pods once, you would already be saving compared to the cost of Juul brand pods.

Now let’s look at the kind of savings our pods can offer when you refill them. If one of our pods costs about $3.12 and 3ml of e-liquid would be about $1.50, then filling a single pod 3 times would cost $4.62. That cost would allow you to vape the same amount, or even a little more, than an entire 4 pack of Juul pods at a fraction of the cost. With savings of over 70% off the cost of Juul based pods, a pod per day vaper can save over $1000 per year just by making the switch to our refillable Juul pods.


Amazing savings are always great, but one of the biggest advantages to using our pods is the fact that any e-liquid can be used. Even when Juul brand pods were offered on store shelves, the number of options was limited. This led to plenty of other brands creating their own pods that were compatible with the Juul and offered more flavor options. Because you get to choose what to fill our pods with, the flavor possibilities are limitless.

We offer a variety of nicotine salt e-liquids on our site that we have tested and enjoyed with our Blankz Pods. This does not mean that they are the only brands that you can use, but we can tell you that they work great. Our inventory includes a wide variety of flavors including mango and other popular flavor profiles that were once offered by Juul.

For anyone who wants to get really adventurous, we offer the unique ability to “Create Your Own” e-liquid flavors. This product includes a bottle of flavorless nicotine salt e-liquid along with a bottle of liquid flavoring. This makes it easy for users to blend their own nicotine salt e-liquids to get the perfect amounts of flavor from their vapor. We offer fruit, dessert, and menthol options so you will have plenty of options when trying to create the perfect flavor for your pods.

Almost all of our nicotine salt e-liquid options have the cost of a 4 pack of pods included, so you don’t have to worry about running out of pods when your e-liquid arrives. If you already have a nicotine salt e-liquid that you love, you can also just order our pods and fill them up with your flavor of choice.

Alternative Pods

In addition to our e-liquid pods, we also have oil pods available for a limited time. These pods are designed with ceramic coils and they are only designed to be used with oil base concentrates, not e-liquids. If you use e-liquids, the difference in consistency may damage your pods. The ceramic coils have a 1.8ohm coil resistance, which offers incredible flavor when using concentrates. Using these pods is similar to using our e-liquid pods, where users remove the mouthpiece in order to add their oil based concentrates. These pods are only going to be available for a limited amount of time, so give them a try and let us know what you think!


In addition to pods and e-liquids, we also offer some amazing Juul pod compatible batteries. While one of the best elements of the Juul is its small size, this size also means that they have a lower battery capacity. Sadly batteries are the largest component in vaporizers, so larger battery capacity also means a larger device. Our vape batteries are designed to be as compact as possible while also offering an improved capacity compared to a 200mah Juul battery.

Our Blankz batteries include the original Blankz battery and our 3X Battery. The blankz Battery is draw activated, has multiple heat levels, an on/off option, and a continuous draw function. With its 350mah battery, it offers nearly twice the capacity of a Juul battery. Our 3X battery has a 650mah battery capacity, making it a great all day vaporizer. This device is draw activated without having button activation or other features, meaning all users have to do is plug in a pod and start enjoying some tasty vapor.  

Don’t let the flavor ban keep you from enjoying your Juul. Using our Blankz refillable Juul pods makes it easy to turn your old Juu battery into a great little refillable pod vaporizer. Pick up a pack of our pods today and you will be able to enjoy the convenience of choosing your own pod flavors and saving big on the cost of your pods. If you have any questions about our products or ordering our pods, feel free to reach out to a member of our team via the “Contact Us” section of our website.

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