We Have Empty Juul Pods For Sale!

Juul users fell in love with the convenience that these compact vaporizers offered, but sadly the ban on flavored pod sales led to many vapers leaving the Juul behind. Even before the ban was put into place in early February of 2020, we offered empty Juul pods for sale to help our customers enjoy their favorite vape at a fraction of the cost. Now that the flavor ban is in place, our Blankz pods are one of the best ways for Juul fans to keep enjoying their Juul devices.

For those who don’t already know, the Juul’s popularity became a bit of a double edged sword. While many users were legally enjoying the Juul, a large percentage of teenage vapers also started using these vaporizers. Many believe that underage users were drawn to the Juul because of their flavored pod options, leading to a ban on the sale of flavored pre-filled pods across the country. Now Juul users can either choose to enjoy tobacco and menthol flavored pods or seek out alternative options.

Many of these alternatives involve purchasing a new, often larger, pod vaporizer or using expensive disposable nicotine salt vaporizers. These units are basically Juuls that are completely sealed and not rechargeable. Instead of dealing with these alternatives, we offer Juul fans the option to keep enjoying their Juul vaporizer by combining our pods with a Juul battery.

Our pods are designed to offer a similar performance to the original Juul pods. They look very similar to Juul pods and they are designed to fit any Juul compatible battery. Our pods do have a few of their own advantages. First off, they are larger than Juul brand pods, holding a full milliliter of nicotine salt e-liquid instead of the 0.7 ml capacity of a Juul pod. They also are refillable, which gives users the ability to choose any flavor they want instead of being restricted to the handful of pod options that Juul once offered.

To use our refillable Juul pods, all you have to do is remove the mouthpiece to expose the fill holes. These two holes, located on either side of the pod’s central chimney, are sealed with a small plastic cover. Upon removing the plastic cover, you can fill both sides of the pod with any e-liquid of your choice. Because of how these vaporizers function, i.e. creating small clouds of vapor, it is best to use nicotine salt e-liquids if you want a satisfying hit of nicotine.

Nicotine salt vape juice is one of the most important innovations that Pax labs came up with when they made the Juul. Instead of using freebase nicotine like other juice brands, which can be extremely harsh at high concentrations, nicotine salt makes it easy to ingest a satisfying level of nicotine in the small clouds of vapor that the Juul produces.

Our Blankz refillable Juul pods are designed to work with all of the nicotine salt e-liquids found on our store, including our unique “create your own” flavor options that make it easy to mix up your own unique nic salt e-liquids at home. Once your pod is full all you have to do is replace the fill hole cover, snap the mouthpiece back on and you are ready to throw that pod on your Juul compatible battery and start vaping.

In addition to allowing users to choose almost any flavor they can imagine, these pods also help Juul fans save money. We first offered our empty Juul pods for sale as a budget option for Juul fans and that still remains the truth. Not only are our pods refillable, but they also can be filled up to three times each before they will need to be disposed of. Combined with their larger size, that means that every Blankz refillable Juul compatible pod can vape 3 ml of eliquid which is more that an entire 4 pack of Juul pods.

An empty four pack of our pods costs only $12.50. That single four pack of Blankz pods can equal over 17 Juul pods in terms of capacity and, even with the cost of e-liquids, you are still looking at a savings of over 70% compared to Juul brand pods. For pod per day vapers that savings can add up to over $1000 per year.

So if you need to find empty Juul pods for sale, you are definitely in the right place. With our pods you can keep enjoying your Juul and explore new flavor options that Juul never even offered. To learn more check out our shop to see all of our products including pods, e-liquids, and Juul compatible batteries.

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