How to Refill BLANKZ! JUUL Compatible Pods

  • By Virapong Chandarasanti

How to Refill BLANKZ! JUUL Compatible Pods

Are you tired of tearing through packs of JUUL Pods? Refilling pods has never been easier with BLANKZ! Refillable JUUL Compatible Pods. BLANKZ! Pods are designed to be refilled and re-used up to 3 times! So how do you refill them? Simple.

First, you need to remove the green rubber protector (obviously.) Next, you’ll want to remove the black plastic mouthpiece revealing a hard-plastic hole cover that protects your salt nic juice from leaking! It may be hard to see at first but trust us, it’s there! Once you pop that off, grab your favorite salt nic eliquid flavor and get to fillin’! DO NOT THROW AWAY THE PLASTIC COVER! We recommend filling your eliquid into both holes to make sure that the eliquid soaks up the cotton! Pop that plastic hole cover back on to prevent your salt nice liquid from leaking. Finally, Replace the black mouthpiece and you’re just about good to go! Before you start taking hits from your pod give it around 30 seconds to let the cotton prime up and then enjoy!

The best thing about refilling your own pods is you get to reuse them multiple times for endless flavor! Each pack comes with 4 pods that give you triple the amount of uses compared to other traditional pods! So, are you ready to Fill in The BLANKZ?

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