Want to Recreate all of the Best Juul Compatible Pods? - BLANKZ! Pods

Want to Recreate all of the Best Juul Compatible Pods?

Want to Recreate all of the Best Juul Compatible Pods? - BLANKZ! Pods

The Juul’s rise to popularity was a direct result of it’s incredible efficiency. These tiny vaporizers were able to deliver a satisfying hit with less vapor, making them far more discreet than mod and atomizer style vaporizers. This led to many companies releasing their own vape pods that were compatible with the Juul battery. Sadly the ban on the sale of flavored vape pods means that Juul users can no longer enjoy all of the best Juul compatible pods.

The ban on flavored pods was a sad side effect of the Juul’s popularity. As more users began to enjoy the convenience of pod vaporizers, they also became more popular with underage users. Juul’s flavored pod options were seen as the reason that these devices became so popular with teens and were subsequently banned from stores in the US. Now Juul users can either enjoy natural tobacco and menthol pod options or find a new vaporizer system to use.

The original Juul flavor lineup included classic tobacco, virginia tobacco, mentol, mint, cucumber, mango, creme, and fruit options. Now that only the tobacco and menthol flavors remain, many users miss the extremely popular flavored options including the most popular mango and mint pods. Now that these tasty pods have been removed from store shelves, users have had to find replacements that offer the same satisfying hits and discreet design as the original Juul. 

One of the most popular replacement options since the flavored pod ban has been disposable vaporizers. These devices are designed to offer almost all of the same features as the Juul, but without removable pods or a rechargeable battery. These devices use the same compact size and look of the Juul, but each device only offers an average of 200 to 300 hits, just like a Juul pod. One the e-liquid is used or the battery is depleted, the enter vaporizer is thrown away. 

Another popular alternative that provides a similar sensation to the Juul is the use of an alternative pod based vaporizer system. Since the Juul popularized pod vaping, many brands have created their own pod based devices. Some are small and use disposable pods like the Juul while others are large vaporizers that feature replaceable coils similar to traditional e-liquid vape tanks. Some of these vaporizers also have advanced features including a range of heat settings, different coil options, and significantly more battery life than a Juul battery. 

Investing in a new vape is always an option, but it means having to learn the ins and outs of any entirely new system. Using a new system also usually means having to use a larger vape. Even though they will still be more compact and discreet than your average box mod and atomizer setup, most of these vaporizers will be a little harder to slide into your pocket compared to the Juul. Instead of investing in an entirely new system, we make it easy to convert your existing Juul battery into the power source for your own refillable vaporizer. 

Using our pods not only means that you won’t have to buy a new vaporizer, but it also means that you barely have to learn anything new in order to keep using your Juul device. The only real difference when using Blankz Pods instead of Juul brand pods is that you will have to fill them yourself. Once one of our pods has been filled, you can throw them in your bag or right into your Juul or Juul compatible battery and use them like you normally would. Just like all of the best Juul compatible pods, our Blankz pods are designed to fit the original Juul and any other Juul compatible battery. 

These pods offer the same snug and easy fit as other pods. You can use them with confidence while also making your own e-liquid flavors. With a secure leak resistant seal, you can fill all of your pods ahead of time and easily swap them out as needed. You can also easily fill these pods with a bottle of e-liquid in seconds if you do not have a replacement pod on hand. 

One of the biggest advantages to converting to using our pods is the fact that you get to save money while enjoying the same vapor quality as when you were buying the best Juul compatible pods from stores. A four pack of Juul brand pods costs $15.99 or roughly $4 per pod. Our pods cost only $12.50 for a four pack, providing a total cost of only $3.12 per pod. That 88 cents of savings might not seem like much, but that is only when you are using a pod once, and it fails to consider some other important factors. 

Blankz refillable pods are the same approximate size and shape as a Juul pod, but there are a few key differences that set our pods apart from the competition. The most obvious difference is the fact that these pods are designed to be reused several times, but there are also some important design differences that make our pods an even better deal than the original Juul brand pods. 

The biggest improvement that our pods have is the fact that they hold a full milliliter of e-liquid, giving them over 40% more storage capacity than original Juul brand pods. That means that three of our pods can hold more e-liquid than four Juul brand pods!  This makes it easy for users to enjoy their pods all day without needing to frequently swap them out. If you have noticed that you go through more than one pod in an average day, then our pods will be the perfect choice for you. 

Knowing this difference in capacity, now we can factor in the cost of e-liquid. A milliliter of nic salt e-liquid costs at most about $0.50 or significantly less depending on the quantities you plan to purchase. If you do the math, three of our filled pods offer as much vapor as a full pack of Juul pods while only costing you about $10.85, that is a savings of over 30% off the cost of Juul pods. That kind of savings is already in line with some of the best Juul compatible pods that were sold pre-filled, but filling your own pods has its advantages. 

But the savings don’t end there. Unlike Juul pods, our Blankz pods are now designed to be a single use product. Blankz pods can be filled up to three times. This means that a single Blankz pod can provide slightly more vapor than an entire four pack of Juul pods! So a $3.12 pod and $2 of e-liquid will give you even more vapor than a $15.99 pack of pods. All you have to do to enjoy these amazing savings is take the time to fill up your own pods. 

The filling process is incredibly simple, making it easy to enjoy or even experiment with making your own e-liquid flavors. All you have to do to open your Blankz pod is remove the mouthpiece. This will expose a small plastic cover on the top of the pod. When you remove this cover, it will expose two small fill holes on either side of the pod’s central chimney. These holes are designed to accommodate the spouts on most brands of e-liquid. All you need to do is fill each side of the pod, while being careful not to overfill, before replacing the fill hole cover and snapping the mouthpiece back into place. 

After your third refill, you might begin to notice the tell tale signs of coil burn. Any vapers who are familiar with traditional mod and atomizer style vaporizers will know these signs all too well. Popping while drawing and a slightly off tasting vapor would be some of the first signs that residue is building up on the coils and beginning to burn. Because these pods are so small, trying to replace the coils is practically impossible. Instead when the coils begin to burn, it’s just a sign that it is time to grab a fresh pod and fill it up with your favorite e-liquid. 

Because you can choose and make your own e-liquid flavors, using our pods means that you will never have to compromise or choose your second favorite flavored pod again. With the right e-liquid and a few of our pods, it is easy to create delicious flavors just like all of the best Juul compatible pods once found in stores. The most important thing to consider when choosing an e-liquid to fill your pods with is to ensure that you are using an nicotine salt e-liquid. 

The use of nicotine salt in e-liquids was pioneered by the Juul device. Before the Juul, disposable vapes were made using the same freebase nicotine as traditional e-liquids. Due to the lower power of these devices, high concentrations of nicotine had to be used in order to provide a satisfying hit in a smaller cloud. Freebase nicotine becomes harsh at higher concentrations, but nicotine salts are smooth enough to vape at much higher concentrations. This makes nicotine salt ideal for the small and discreet cloud that the Juul produces. 

Our pods have been designed to work flawlessly with nicotine salt e-liquids. If you are looking for our recommendations, we have a section on our site where you can find dozens of compatible e-liquid to use with your Blankz Pods. This includes our unique “build your own” e-liquid options. These options allow you to order flavorless e-liquid along with a bottle of liquid flavoring so you mix the two to create an e-liquid with the perfect balance of flavor. You can even order a few different flavors and experiment with mixing your own custom e-liquid flavors. 

You will also find plenty of delicious ready to use flavors from brands we love. All of these e-liquids have been tested with our pods and they have produced amazing results. Almost all of our e-liquid options include the price of a pack of Blankz Pods, so you will always have the pods you need to start vaping your new flavors when they arrive. Even a small 30 ml bottle of e-liquid can fill 10 Blankz pods 3 times, so it’s always a great idea to pick up some extra pods once you have found a flavor you really like. 

You can also use our pods with other brands of nicotine salt e-liquids. Because of the recent popularity of vape pod systems, there are hundreds of options available so you can almost always find new and unique flavors to try. The brands we carry have been tested with our pods, but we almost never hear complaints about our pods leaking with e-liquid from any other brands. 

If you want to upgrade your battery along with your pods, we also carry a few pod mods that will expand the battery capacity of your vape. Our Blankz batteries also have multiple heat settings, so you can really dial in how intense your vapor hits. Using alternate heat settings may affect the lifespan of your pods, so be sure to test them out to see how well they work for you. We currently carry two different Blankz battery models, so be sure to check both of them out in order to decide which is the best fit for you.

So if you miss seeing all of the best Juul compatible pod flavors on store shelves, it’s time to start recreating them yourself at home. Even before the flavor ban, we were happy to help our customers save big on their vape pods for their Juul. Now that the ban is in place, we are just happy to provide Juul fans with the means to continue using their favor vaporizers. Visit our shop to see our products and find out how you can get the same great vaping experience at a fraction of the cost.

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