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RabBeats RC10000 Disposable Vape

RabBeats RC10000 Disposable Vape

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  • 18 mL Pre Filled Capacity 
  • Approximately 10,000 Puffs 
  • Battery and E-Liquid Indicator
  • 5% Nicotine 50mg 

Flavor Descriptions

Blue Razz Ice: Chill out with this exhilarating fusion of tangy blue raspberry and a refreshing icy blast that will invigorate your senses.

Blueberry Mint: Immerse yourself in the refreshing harmony of heavenly blueberries and cool, crisp mint, offering a delightful blend of fruity sweetness and invigorating minty coolness.

Cherry Watermelon: Dive headfirst into the fantastic combination of succulent cherries and delectable watermelon, delivering an unforgettable explosion of summertime taste with every inhalation.

Cherry Berry Cherry: Cherry Berry Bonanza! Embrace your adventurous spirit as you dive into a whirlwind of assorted berries and vibrant cherries, creating an out-of-this-world flavor experience you won't soon forget.

Grape Cherry: Experience the grape-tastic fusion of luscious grapes intertwined with the vibrant essence of ripe cherries, transforming this vape into a dynamic explosion of fruity flavor.

Lemon Lime: Let the zestiness take over! Elevate your mood with the lively fusion of tangy lemons and zesty limes! Don't miss out on this refreshing and invigorating vaping sensation.

Peach Mango:Indulge in the velvety allure of sun-ripened peaches and the tropical allure of mangoes, crafting a delectable vaping experience kissed by the sun.

Pineapple Strawberry Banana: Embark on a tropical journey with the delightful pairing of juicy pineapple and succulent strawberries, delivering an unforgettable taste of paradise with every inhalation.

Strawberry Kiwi Ice: Experience the harmonious blend of ripe strawberries and tangy kiwi, embraced by a refreshing frosty chill crafted exclusively for your enjoyment.

Blackberry Cranberry: Savor the rich, deep flavor of blackberries mingled with the tart tang of cranberries, resulting in a tantalizing fusion of robust berry delights awaiting your palate.

Blueberry Cloudz: Drift away on fluffy clouds infused with the sweetness of blueberries—it's an experience like no other! This juicy explosion of ripe blueberry flavor promises a soaring vape adventure.

FUJI Ice: Embark on a frosty vaping adventure inspired by Mount Fuji, with this icy fusion of crisp apple flavors, offering a taste as refreshing as the mountain air itself.

Grape Ice: Dive into the rich depths of plump grapes, enhanced by a refreshing icy twist that's simply irresistible!

Miami Mint: Experience the lively spirit of Miami with this refreshing mint sensation, where the cool breeze of mint converges with the vibrant energy of South Beach, leaving you feeling revitalized and utterly refreshed.

Strawberry Ice: The spotlight shines on bold, ripe strawberry flavor, complemented by a refreshing menthol breeze, delivering a chilled fruity vape experience crafted just for you to savor.

Watermelon Ice: Indulge in this thirst-quenching vape, overflowing with the pure essence of watermelon, elevated by a touch of icy freshness, creating the ultimate cooling sensation for your vaping pleasure.

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