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JUUL Device Vape Kit

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About JUUL Device Vape Kit

**Compatible with BLANKZ! Refillable Pods**

The JUUL Device kit is a light weight, well built closed pod system. It is the only closed pod system on the market today! The vape device has no buttons, uses a pre-filled pod, and the pen style battery that has an LED indicator. The magnetic charger that comes with your JUUL Device Kit makes it easy and convenient to plug it in and charge anytime! No more clutter of wires that comes with other systems. This slick closed system vaporizer was designed to create a simple and satisfying way for adult smokers to transition away from cigarettes. This comes in a silver or smooth slate color!


LED Indicator Meanings - When you put your JUUL device down, then pick it up to inhale, an LED light will display these indicator colors:

White: In use (Taking a puff)

Green: Charged

Yellow: 50 – 60 % Charge

Red: 10 – 30 % Charge

Note: JUUL Pods are not included in this kit, so if you need pre-filled pods you may purchase them separately.


1x Rechargeable JUUL Device

1x USB Charger