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Binaries Cabin 10,000

Binaries Cabin 10,000

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  • First and only disposable to feature a dual mesh coil (binary) and a giant 20ML capacity juice reservoir.
  • Adjustable airflow on the bottom of the unit lets you change it to your preference on how the Binary Cabin hits.
  • USB Type-C charger input allows you to quickly recharge the 650mah battery.

Flavor Descriptions

  • Banana - A creamy, naturally sweet, and tasty ripe banana! Tastes just like a real banana. It is not an overly sweet banana flavor, but a creamy authentic fruit flavor you will love.

  • Blue Raspberry - Blue Raspberry is a masterful blend of blueberry, raspberry, and sweet & tart taste. This vape finishes with a lush, creamy exhale. Delicious, smooth, and oh so tasty!

  • Cherry Coke - This classic flavor tastes like a real glass of effervescent Cherry Cola. Some very crafty mix artists have taken the famous cherry cola taste and turned it into a delightful soda flavored vape juice!

  • Grape Ice - Experience a full grape taste on the inhale with a stone cold grape vape on the finish.

  • Green Grape Apple Juice - Juicy grape and crunchy green apple will grab your attention and insist on being one of your favorites of all time!

  • Green Grape Ice - It’s time to experience the fruit-juicy green grape flavor on the inhale with a fantastic chilly grape vape on the exhale. Chill out with this delectable flavor and enjoy!

  • Guava Ice - A tastefully savory yet candied blend of juicy Guava, mixed up with an icy menthol flavor to savor.

  • Lush Ice - This summertime watermelon flavor is complemented with just the right amount of icy menthol for a cool, refreshing treat. Perfect for all day vaping, and into your night life too.

  • Lychee Ice - An exotic blend of lychees and menthol that will have your taste buds rejoicing and your mood elevating. This juice will satisfy all of your fruity cravings every time.

  • Mango Ice - An iced candy mango vape flavor that hits your taste buds like a tropical twister! Your will be smacking your lips for more!

  • Mango Lychee Ice - In from the islands and out into the cold! This chilled tropical mango lychee and menthol flavor will help you to cool your jets!

  • Orange - Each puff delivers a pleasantly puckering vape experience of perfectly ripe oranges with undertones of sunshine.

  • Peach - Featuring juicy notes of plump, ripe peaches combined to perfection with chilly undertones of ice to create a vape experience to make you just chill.

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate - The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is something that we all crave. Silky smooth and creamy peanut butter compliments the chocolaty goodness to create a dynamic flavor duo that can't be ignored! Order this iconic combination today.

  • Pina Colada - The flavor of coconut and pineapple is so satisfying. It's sweet and refreshing. A well balanced vapor that will not overwhelm your senses.

  • Pink Lemonade - You will vape this right down to the very last drop and still want more. Tart and slightly sweet, this one is hard to beat!

  • Strawberry - As fresh tasting as picking your own strawberries from the U-Pick-‘Em farm! What else is there to say!! Get some today!

  • Strawberry Banana - The delectable ripeness of strawberry, compliments the sweet, crepe-like tropical banana flavor. This classic will take you on a journey to France as you puff away your lazy day.

  • Vanilla Lemon Tart - Lemon Tart with Madagascar vanilla bean butter and a biscuit crust, with notes of toasted meringue throughout.

  • Watermelon Raspberry Ice - An aromatic raspberry fruit fiesta at the peak of its ripeness, swimming in a lake of watermelon juice to create a fruit filled vape juice with a chilling menthol finish.

  • White Chocolate Matcha Ice - That sweet, creamy white chocolate matches so well with bitter matcha. Try it…you’ll like it! No calories either!
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