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Lost Mary BM5000 3% x Elf Bar Disposable Vape

Lost Mary BM5000 3% x Elf Bar Disposable Vape

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  • Approx. 5000 puffs
  • 3% (30mg) Nicotine
  • 12mL eLiquid
  • 650mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery
  • USB-C Charging Cord Sold Separately

Flavor Descriptions

  • Blueberry Raspberry Cherry: This combination of ripe blueberries, tangy raspberries, and sweet cherries will surprise you with its burst of fruity goodness every time you puff.

  • Cherry Peach Lemonade: What could be more refreshing than tart cherries, juicy peaches, and zesty lemonade, perfectly blended to create a thirst-quenching vaping experience? Try it!

  • Cotton Candy: Take a trip down memory lane with this sugary-sweet vape flavor that duplicates the fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness of classic cotton candy.

  • Cranberry Soda: Fizzy soda meets tangy cranberries in this interesting flavor combination that delivers a bubbly balance of tartness and effervescence.

  • Energy: Get an electrified boost with this vape flavor that combines the bold taste of energy drinks, with a stimulating blend of flavors to keep you going.

  • Fruit Punch: This tropical tasting vibrant fruit punch features a medley of ripe, juicy fruits that dance across your taste buds with every inhale.

  • Grape Apple Ice: It’s all about the fusion of crisp apples and luscious grapes, chilled to perfection with a touch of icy menthol for a cool and fruity vape experience.

  • Gummy Bear: Gummy Bear vape juice tastes similar to those popular candy gummy bears we all love! It is sweet, juicy and 100% satisfying! Get some today!

  • Lemon Lime Ice: Bright tasting lemons and tangy limes are smashed together with an icy blast, creating a revitalizing flavor that is tart and refreshing.

  • Lush Ice: This flavor will draw you in to its watermelon goodness with a menthol twist. The combo of ripe watermelon with a cool breeze on every exhale is FANtastic.

  • Mango Passion Fruit: This vape flavor fuses the sweetness of mango into the tropical flavor of passion fruit for a tropically fruity vape experience.

  • Mixed Berries: A symphony of berry flavors is here! Succulent strawberries, wild mountain blueberries, and ripe raspberries come together in an adventurous vaping blend.

  • Moscow Crush: Can you handle Russia's iconic cocktail featured in this vape flavor? We say YES! The bold flavors of vodka, tangy lime, and zesty ginger beer will show you a truly good time.

  • Peach Ice Tea: Take a break from the heat wave with the delicious combination of sweet, ripe peaches and the invigorating coolness of freshly brewed sun tea.

  • Pineapple Coconut Ice: This vape flavor will remind you that nothing can be better than the juicy sweetness of ripe pineapples, creamy coconut with a refreshing hint of menthol.

  • Red Apple Ice: Crisp and juicy, the red apple taste is infused with a cool blast of menthol, for a completely satisfying vaping experience.

  • Root: Enjoy this complex flavor of a mug of root beer, along with sassafras, wintergreen, and a touch of creamy vanilla. So good!

  • Sour Mouth: Tickle those taste buds as the tongue-tingling vapor from flavor passes over your tongue! Expect a zingy assortment of sour candies that will leave your mouth craving much more.

  • Strawberry Blueberry Cherry: A delightful hat trick of ripe strawberries, big blueberries, and dark red cherries that creates a fruity vape adventure that will amaze you.

  • Strawberry Ice Cream: Experience the nostalgic taste of creamy, sweet strawberry ice cream in every puff, delivering a smooth and indulgent vaping experience just for you.
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