We Have The Refillable Juul Pods You Need - BLANKZ! Pods

We Have The Refillable Juul Pods You Need

We Have The Refillable Juul Pods You Need - BLANKZ! Pods
When it comes to easy to use vape systems, the Juul was probably one of the best designs to hit the market. Instead of requiring users to dedicate time to creating coils and working on perfecting their setup, the Juul pod systems make vaping an activity that did not have to also be a hobby. While this system had the benefit of allowing more people to enjoy vaping, the use of flavored Juul vape pods became enough of a problem amongst teens that bans have now been put in place. If you are upset that you can no longer legally enjoy the flavored pods you used to use, the good news is that refillable Juul pods are still available and can be filled with whatever flavors you choose.

The flavor ban on Juul pods has removed everything but tobacco and menthol flavors from store shelves. Just like cigarette sales, this ban is aimed to remove the fun flavors that are more likely to appeal to children and teens. Sadly these flavors were not being exclusively enjoyed by underage users. Many adults love Juul’s popular flavors like mint and mango. Now, thanks to the flavor ban, users are no longer able to enjoy these delicious flavors that they have come to love.

Instead, you can only enjoy Juul’s least popular flavors. While some users may be fine with tobacco and menthol flavors, they are definitely not the best tasting options the Juul has offered. Part of the reason for implementing this ban was to remove the most popular flavors from store shelves. This was not just because the flavors were popular, but because that popularity was the result of so many young users turning to Juul.

Sadly, these bans have mostly caused young people to change lanes when it comes to finding flavored vaping devices. The ban specifically targeted pod vaping systems because they were popular, but did not say anything about devices that are fully disposable. These fully disposable devices are not just as popular as Juuls once were and they actually take one of the only issues Juul has, i.e. waste production, and make it worse.

These disposable devices are self-contained vaporizers. Like a Juul, they feature a built-in atomizer and tank for storing e-liquid. They also feature a built-in battery and control circuit. Once the battery is dead or the tank is empty, the entire device is disposed of. This means that not only are you producing plastic waste, but every device is also producing electronic waste in the form of the battery and other hard to recycle components.

Instead of throwing away the internal battery and circuits of these units, you can just keep using your existing Juul batteries. This helps to avoid adding lithium-ion batteries, which can be very difficult to recycle, to landfills. You already have the batteries you need in the form of your rechargeable Juuls, so why bother with disposable units?

Instead of increasing your waste production, you can keep using your existing Juul device with less waste by using refillable Juul Pods. Unlike a standard Juul pod, refillable pods can be used several times, cutting the waste produced by these systems dramatically. Now pretty much every vaporizer is going to produce waste in some form. Whether that is just burnt out coils and empty juice bottles or used vape pods depends on the system. No matter what kind of vapes you use, keeping waste to a minimum all depends on your methods.

Our refillable Juul pods can each be used up to 3 times, potentially cutting the waste from your Juul system by over a third. You heard that right, these pods are actually slightly larger than a name brand Juul pod. Juuls only hold 0.7 milliliters of juice, while one of our Blankz Pods can hold a full milliliter of juice. This means that for every four Juul pods you would typically use(2.8 ml total), you can use just one Blankz Pod, refilled 3 times. If you are using about one Juul pod per day, these refillable pods can help to keep about 8 pounds of plastic out of landfills annually. That’s the equivalent of over 250 plastic water bottles not being wasted per year.

So clearly using our refillable Juul pods can help lower the amount of plastic waste you produce, but they can also save you money. Juul pods are sold in packs of four and cost $15.99 per pack, giving a unit cost of $4 per pod. The nicotine content of a Juul pod is about equal to a pack of cigarettes, and users typically use a pod per day. This adds up to a yearly cost of almost 1500! If you want to lower those costs significantly, filling your own pods is a great option.

A four-pack of our pods only costs $12.50. This means that the cost per pod is only $3.12. Because these pods can be reused and Juul pods can only be used once, it stands to reason that we should be considering the cost per use instead of the cost per pod. That brings down the cost to only $1.04 per pod!

Now, these pods will not be of much use while empty, so you will have to find some nicotine salt e-liquids to fill them with. Nicotine salt e-liquid is used in Juul devices because the salt form of nicotine is less harsh than the freebase nicotine used in traditional vapes. This means that a small hit from a Juul, even without producing a massive cloud, can deliver a large amount of nicotine.

This makes it easy to get a satisfying hit of vapor without exhaling a massive cloud. If you use a freebased nicotine juice in your pods, these small clouds of vapor would not be able to deliver much nicotine, meaning you would have to take more hits and you would empty the pod much quicker. So if you want to get a satisfying hit, make sure the juice your buying is nic salt based.

If you need help finding some nicotine salt e-liquid, we have plenty of options for our customers. We offer customizable e-liquid options so you can always find the perfect flavor profile to fit your palate. Our Shake e-liquid flavor options allow you to choose a bottle of a liquid flavoring that will be included with a bottle of flavorless nic salt e-liquid. You can mix the two together or adjust the mixture to create the perfect flavor strength for you.

When it comes to flavors, we have dozens of options for you. We know that vape users tend to prefer different flavor profiles, so we have arranged our e-liquid varieties into fruit, dessert, and menthol varieties. This makes it easy to find the perfect flavors to fill your pods. Our current options include 6 menthol varieties, 10 dessert flavors, and 15 fruit flavors. We also offer a mango pod and juice combo for users looking to recreate the classic taste of mango Juul pods.

One of the biggest advantages of our pods, aside from being more affordable, is the ability to choose your own e-liquid options. When buying Juul pods, you only had a handful of flavor options. Our custom e-liquid options allow you to choose between 32 amazing flavors for your pods. You can also find countless other nic salt e-liquids online and in stores, meaning that you gain access to nearly infinite possibilities when you use our refillable pods.

You can buy our eliquid options with a pack with four of our refillable pods for only $38. This means that, subtracting the cost of the pods, the 60 ml bottle of juice costs $25.50. This brings the cost per milliliter of e-liquid to only 42 cents. Because each of our pods holds a full milliliter of e-liquid, the total cost per filled pod comes to $1.46 per pod.

So already, our pods are less than half the cost of a Juul brand pod. This savings becomes even larger when you consider the difference in size between our pods and Juul’s pods. Because a Blankz Pod holds Our pods are over 40% larger than a Juul brand pod, which means that our pods come out to be an even better deal than the price per use would suggest. Because it takes 4 Juul pods to equal 3 Blankz Pods, that means that for every $15.99 you would spend of Juul pods, you only have to spend $4.38 with us. That is a savings of over 70%!

With these kinds of savings, it’s hard to imagine going back to using Juul branded pods. Over the course of a year, pod per day users can save over one thousand dollars by making the switch to Blankz Pods. That savings covers the costs of both pods and e-liquid. All you have to do to get these amazing savings is take the extra time to refill your own pods.

Luckily, the refill process on our pods is extremely simple. It only takes a minute or two to fill an entire four-pack of Blankz pods. Unlike Juul pods, the mouthpiece on our Blankz pods can be easily removed to expose the fill holes. These holes are kept closed by a small plastic fill hole cover. Once this cover is removed, the two fill holes will be easily accessible on each side of the central chimney.

Once your fill holes are exposed, all you have to do is grab a bottle of your favorite nicotine salt e-liquid and fill each side of the pod. You will have to refill the pod while leaving enough room to reinsert the fill hole cover. Once this is complete, all you have to do is replace the cover and snap the mouthpiece securely back in place. Your pods should now be ready to store until you are ready to use them in your Juul device or your preferred Juul compatible battery.

Speaking of Juul compatible batteries, you can find a great upgrade over your traditional Juul battery in our shop. Our Blankz batteries are compact and easily pocketable, with a design that is shorter and wider than a traditional Juul. The lifespan of a battery’s charge is measured in milliAmpere hours. A Juul battery has a 200 mAh capacity, while our Blankz batteries have a 350 mAh capacity. This makes that your battery will last almost twice as long!

In addition to the longer lifespan, our batteries have several features that cannot be found in a Juul battery. One of the biggest differences is the fact that our batteries feature 3 distinct voltage levels. You can adjust the power to a low, medium, or high setting to change the quality and intensity of your vapor. Our batteries also preserve their charge by not operating on a continuous draw-activated mode. Instead, they use a fire button so you are only drawing power while using the device. These are just a few ways we are working on not only improving pod design but improving the entire pod system as a whole.

So if you are looking for an alternative to vaping with Juul, you don’t have to abandon your Juul device. You can continue to use your Juul with our convenient refillable Juul pods. When you make the switch to our pods, you will never have to choose between only a handful of flavor options. The sky is the limit and you will have as much freedom to experiment with flavor profiles as traditional vape users. In addition to choosing your preferred flavors, you can also gain some extra control over your vapor quality when you pick up one of our Juul compatible Blankz batteries. To learn more about all of our amazing products, check out our online store now!

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