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VAPE NEWS: Mysterious Lung Illnesses and What You Can Do!

With the latest controversies wrapped around JUUL side effects and illnesses, there has never been a better time to fill your own pods with an e-liquid brand you know and trust. 

215 possible cases of lung disease associated with vaping are being investigated by U.S. health officials. Patients in these cases has experienced symptoms including difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and chest pains before taken to the hospital. Other reports stated vomiting and diarrhea as well as fatigue and fevers. 

A JUUL spokesperson said in an emailed statement, “We are aware of their initial report that found 32 cases tied to vapor products over 10 years, some of which referenced JUUL products by the submitter.”

It seems like every day there are new cases reporting illnesses and seizures related to vaping and extreme cases of death. An Illinois patient died last week from lung disease in what is considered the first death associated with vaping. 

It’s important that every vape user does their research before committing to a product as we are never sure what ingredients are added to e-liquids. These illnesses can stem from possible unknown substances used in e-liquids such as arsenic (rat poison), ammonia (toilet cleaner), and carbon monoxide that are commonly found in traditional cigarettes. Is this another case of adding preservatives and toxins by big tobacco giants?

We recommend everyone to do your research, only use e-liquids that you know and trust, and to never buy vapor products off the street. One important thing to note is any e-liquids manufactured overseas are highly likely to contain extra preservatives to make them last the journey. This is why we recommend only buying e-liquid products that are domestically manufactured/filled to avoid unnecessary preservatives with unknown effects. Checking the ingredient list and filling your own device or pods is by far the best way to know exactly what is going into your body. Stay safe and DON’T BE JUULED! 

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