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The Benefits of BLANKZ! Refillable JUUL Compatible Pods

For many vapers out there pod systems are a convenient and cheaper alternative to a traditional box mod, but buying prefilled pods has limited your vaping experience! I mean, you have to choose between a small selection of prefilled flavors, fixed nicotine strengths, and the hassle of picking up a new pack every time you run out. BLANKZ! Refillable JUUL Compatible pods is the future of pod vaping with no strings attached!

Customize It

We took your average, boring pod and made them 100 times more customizable based on whatever you like. Want to choose your own salt nic? Go for it. Want a higher or lower nicotine strength? No one’s stopping you! With BLANKZ! Refillable JUUL Compatible Pods, you get full control of your flavor experience.

Each pod is uniquely designed to be refilled and reused up to 3 times with your favorite salt nicotine eliquid flavor. When you finish up on one flavor, you can fill up the same pod with ease!

Save Money

BLANKZ! Refillable JUUL Compatible Pods come in a pack of four! Each empty pod is able to hold up to 1ml of salt nic and can be refilled and reused. With our pods, you can save money and save yourself the hassle of picking up new pods!

Let’s break it down. Say you vape one pod a day, which means you buy roughly buy 8 packs of JUUL pods a month. That’s around $150-$160 a month. With BLANKZ! Refillable JUUL Compatible Pods, all you need is 3 packs and your favorite salt nice liquid! You’ll be saving 70% each month!


BLANKZ! Refillable JUUL Compatible Pods are meant to uphold flavor quality! As long as you let your juice soak in and refill your pod before it’s completely empty, we guarantee the flavor will be spot on every single time! We’ve tried many JUUL compatible pods out there, and by the 4th or 5th hit, the pod taste burnt! With BLANKZ! JUUL Compatible Pods, you get consistent full flavor with every hit!

Are you ready to fill in the BLANKZ!?

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JUUL constantly boasts how former smokers save lots of money by using their pods. However, that is not always the case when it comes to heavy users. If you use two or more of their pods a day…. you are not really saving that much.

Now…. with BLANKZ, the savings truly add up. Easily re-fillable and they last a long time. They are made with precision and the fit is perfect without any leaks. You choose your favorite e-juice and nicotine level. With a quality refillable pod and your choice of e-juice….. you get a lot of flexibility and true savings. It’s a Win Win for me.

Henry G.

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