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Save Big With Our Empty Pods For Juul

Juul users across the country are currently looking for alternatives now that Juul’s flavor offerings have been limited to menthol and tobacco flavors. The ban on disposable pods has put Juul users in a tough spot as they try to find a way to enjoy the flavors they have come to love with the convenience of a Juul system. Because prefilled pods are no longer an option, Juul vapers are now turning to disposable devices or filling their own empty pods for Juul devices. Here at Blankz, our pods are one of the best ways to continue vaping without producing the waste of using a disposable device every day.

 The flavor ban only covers disposable pods designed to be used with a separate battery. This has quickly led to alternative products emerging to sidestep this new policy. This has led to a resurgence of disposable e-cigarettes. These self-contained units are single-use vape pens that are designed to be thrown away once the e-liquid within them is spent. This is resulting in a huge amount of waste over the previously popular Juul systems because now both the battery and atomizer are being disposed of after every use. But there is another option for users who want to continue using their Juul devices to enjoy flavored e-liquids, refilling your own pods.

 Empty pods for Juul devices are a great way to save money, limit your waste, and continue to enjoy all of your favorite vape flavors. Here at Blankz! Pods, our refillable pods are designed to work perfectly with your existing Juul batteries and can be used up to three times per pod. This allows you to produce significantly less waste than using Juul brand pods or using disposable vaporizers.

 Refilling one of our pods takes only a few seconds and because our pods hold a full milliliter of e-liquid instead of the 0.7-milliliter capacity of a Juul pod, they will last longer than a Juul pod. To refill a Blankz pod, all you need to do is remove the mouthpiece and the small plastic fill hole cover, then fill each side of the cartridge with your preferred e-liquid. Once this is complete, you simply need to replace the fill hole cover and snap the mouthpiece back in place. This entire process only takes a few seconds and the pod should easily last nearly 1.5 times as long as a Juul pod.

 On top of being easy to use and less wasteful than traditional pods, our empty pods for Juul can also help you save over 70% versus the price of Juul brand pods. A pack of four Juul pods costs about $15.99, leading to a cost of nearly $4 per pod. For vapers who typically use a pod per day, that cost can add up to $1460 per year!

 By contrast, our Blankz pods cost $12.50 for four pods. Because each pod can be used 3 times, the cost is only $1.04 per pod use. If you want to use the e-liquids we offer on our site, the cost per milliliter will be about 45 cents. This brings the cost of our pods to $1.49 per use, less than half that of a Juul pod. When you consider the fact that our pods have a larger capacity than a Juul, the savings are even more pronounced. One four-pack of our empty pods for Juul can equal roughly 17 Juul pods. That means our pods can save you over 70% over the cost of Juul, which is over $1000 for one pod per day vapers.

 These pods not only help you save money but they also let you control what flavors you vape. Whether you want to recreate your favorite Juul flavors or you are looking to explore new flavor profiles, we have an amazing selection of e-liquid flavors for you. We sell unflavored nicotine salt e-liquids in 1.8%, 3.5%, and 5% nicotine concentrations. When you order your e-liquid, you get to choose a smaller bottle of liquid flavor to add. This lets you control the level of flavor in your pods. With 32 options to choose from, we make it easy to enjoy a huge range of possible flavors.

 Making the switch to our empty pods for Juul devices is basically a no-brainer. Not only will you save over 70%, but you will also get to enjoy your favorite flavors, explore new options, limit your waste, and continue to use your existing Juul batteries. For users looking for a complete upgrade, our Blankz batteries are designed to fit any Juul compatible pods, have three variable voltage settings, and last nearly twice as long as a Juul battery. To learn more about our pods, our e-liquids, and our batteries, check out our shop today and start vaping with Blankz!

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