Save Big When You Buy Your Juul Pods Empty

Many Juul users and former Juul users alike love the convenience that the Juul system offers. It’s not surprising when you consider the fact that these little vapes were one of the most popular systems over the last few years. Sadly, all of that changed earlier this year. Now, without flavored pods, Juul has taken quite a hit to their otherwise amazing product. Luckily, we allow users to purchase their Juul pods empty so they no longer are forced to search out alternative systems. Now you can enjoy your Juul to the fullest once again.

The flavor ban has made it harder to enjoy the Juul, especially for users who enjoyed their flavored options. These flavored pods were extremely popular amongst Juul users. Sadly, this popularity extended to underage users who acquired the Juuls illegally. Because flavored pods were so popular with teens, the federal government enacted the flavored pod ban in an effort to help restrict underage vaping. Sadly, this ban also stopped thousands of vapers from legally enjoying these deliciously flavored pods.

Now all that can be found on store shelves are tobacco and menthol flavored Juul pods. These offer the natural flavors that cessation vapers might crave, but they are far from being the first choice for most users. Historically, Juul offered eight main flavors for sale, and tobacco and menthol varieties were always weak sellers. This means that the flavor ban has effectively stopped many users from enjoying their Juul devices.

So what exactly is a Juul pod? This innovative atomizer system is actually not dissimilar in function to their larger traditional box mod and atomizer vaporizer cousins. The basic anatomy of any vaporizer has to include a power source, a firing mechanism, an atomizer and an e-liquid reservoir. The Juul device has two main components, the battery and the pod.

The Juul battery functions as both a power source and a firing mechanism. Every Juul battery contains a 200 mAh rechargeable battery as well as recharging circuitry, a draw activated firing system, and the leads for transferring power directly to your pod. All of this fits into a tiny and sleek device that is extremely convenient.

The Juul pod serves as an e-liquid reservoir and an atomizer in one convenient package. The pod stores a small amount of e-liquid and contains a small atomizer coil and wick. Just like in a conventional vape, the e-liquid is drawn into the wick, where it is heated into a vapor by the coil. Once this is complete, the vapor goes up the central chimney of the pod to the mouthpiece, where it is inhaled.

The largest difference between a pod and a conventional atomizer, aside from the mounting system, is that Juul pods are disposed of after each use instead of being refillable and featuring replaceable coils like a conventional atomizer. The lifespan of one pod use is too short to create coil burn and other common issues atomizers face after extended periods of use.

When you buy our Juul pods empty, you can easily fill them up with whatever e-liquids you want. This means that you can continue to enjoy flavored vapor using your existing Juul device. Not only can you recreate your favorite Juul pod flavors, but you can also explore flavor profiles that Juul never offered. Here at Blankz Pods, we make it easy to find whatever nicotine salt e-liquid flavors you want to vape.

Before we cover all of our amazing flavor options, you might be wondering why Juuls use nicotine salt(nic salt) e-liquids. The standard e-liquid used in traditional vapes contained freebase nicotine, not the salt form. This nicotine is easily acquired, as it makes up the bulk of the naturally occurring nicotine within the tobacco leaf. When you are creating massive clouds of vapor, only a small amount of freebase nicotine is needed to provide the desired dosage for the user.

At higher concentrations, freebase nicotine can become extremely harsh to vape. The Juul is not designed to pump out thick clouds of vapor. Instead, these vapes create small and discreet clouds of vapor, not unlike smoking would. These clouds are less conspicuous, but that also means that they can’t hold a lot of nicotine. Using standard freebase nicotine to deliver the user’s preferred dosage would make these small clouds extremely harsh. That is where nicotine salt e-liquids come into play.

The salt form of nicotine, which can be found naturally in the tobacco leaf, is much less harsh than freebased nicotine. The process Pax labs, the creators of Juul, discovered for integrating nicotine salt into their e-liquids helped to produce a less harsh form of nicotine that also vaped at lower temperatures. This made their Juul pods much more pleasant to hit and allowed them to deliver a larger amount of nicotine in a small cloud of vapor, producing a more inconspicuous way for their customers to enjoy vaping. This triggered a trend for companies to produce their own pod systems and for e-liquid manufacturers to start offering nicotine salt e-liquid varieties.

Instead of just offering generic flavor options, we allow our customers to create their own custom e-liquids. Instead of just picking a flavor to purchase, our system allows you to buy your e-liquid in two parts. You can buy a bottle of Pure unflavored nicotine salt e-liquid paired with a bottle of Shake liquid flavoring. You get to control the mixture yourself to achieve the ideal flavor profile. You can also purchase multiple e-liquid and flavor combinations so you mix and match to create truly unique flavors. Every custom e-liquid order comes with a four pack of our Blankz Pods refillable Juul pods, empty and ready to be filled.

So you have your custom e-liquid and you have your refillable Blankz pods, so what is next? Luckily the process of refilling these pods is quick and easy. All you have to do is remove the pods mouthpiece to expose the small plastic fill hole covers. Once this small clear plastic cover is removed, the fill holes on each side of the pod’s central chimney are exposed. Simply insert the tip of your e-liquid bottles, fill each side of the pod, and then you can reseal the pod and reattach the mouthpiece.

With your filled Blankz Pods in hand, you are ready to enjoy vaping using your existing Juul battery. All you have to do is plug the pod into place and draw to hit, just like old times. These pods can be used with any Juul compatible battery and they offer the same incredible performance as the standard pods from Juul.

All of this is great, but you are probably wondering what the advantages are for using our pods. Well, we are glad you asked because there are many benefits to vaping with Blankz. Blankz pods not only allow you to enjoy any flavor you can find, but they also reduce waste and can help you save money.

Every Blankz Pod can be used up to three times before requiring disposal. Just like any vaporizer, the coils in your Blankz Pods cannot last forever. Typically, after three uses you will begin to experience the foul taste and popping that accompanies coil burn. When this occurs, it is time to dispose of your pod just like you would do with a Juul pod after a single use. This helps you get the same vaping experience while only producing a fraction of the waste.

Not only do these pods last longer, but they also hold more. Your standard Juul pod holds about 0.7 milliliters of e-liquid and lasts about a full day for most users. Our Blankz Pods hold a full milliliter of e-liquid, meaning every use of our pods should last about 40% longer than a Juul pod. This also means that every four Juul pods only hold 2.8 milliliters, which is almost as much as three Blankz Pods.

So let’s talk about cost. Juul users know that Juul is a cheaper alternative to tobacco, but the costs still add up. A pack of four Juul pods costs $15.99, leading to a cost of roughly $4 per pod. When you buy your Juul pods empty, we only charge $12.50 for a four pack. That means you are only paying about $3.12 per pod.

Because these Juul pods are empty, you will also be paying to fill them. When you buy our e-liquid, you are getting 60ml of e-liquid and a pack of pods for $38. Subtracting the cost of the pods, that’s $25.50 for 60ml of e-liquid. So that gives you a final unit cost of 41 cents per milliliter. This means that even if you only used our pods once and then threw them away like a Juul pod, you would still save 47 cents per pod. That’s only a little over a 10% savings, but trust us, that savings gets much better as you keep refilling the pods.

Consider the fact that you will have an average of three uses per pod. Each pod costs $3.12, so each use has a cost of $1.04. Combined with the e-liquid cost, you are paying $1.45 total every time you use one of our pods. With these numbers, we have just passed 60% savings over the cost of a Juul pod. But that does not consider the difference in size between these two pods.

A Juul pod is costing you $4 for 0.7 ml of e-liquid. We’ll save a little math here and let you know that that leads to a cost of $5.71 per 1ml of Juul that has been vaped. That gives us our final savings of over 70% per pod! This is a huge savings for anyone willing to take the time to fill their own pods. If you typically vape a Juul pod per day, you can save over one thousand dollars per year by making the switch to our pods.

And pods are not all we offer, you can also pair our refillable pods with one of our Juul compatible batteries. Our Blankz battery not only offers nearly twice the battery life of a Juul device, but it also features variable power settings. You can vape your pods on low, medium, or high power depending on how strong and thick you prefer your vapor. We are also excited to carry the Prism battery, which offers similar control in a sleek and attractively faceted appearance. Both of these batteries are wider than the Juul battery, to accommodate batteries over 350 mAh, but they are both compact enough to easily slip into a pocket.

We are also happy to offer a range of disposable vapes. These vapes have become incredibly popular as a convenient source of flavored vapor after the flavor ban restricted the sale of pod systems. Operating in a manner similar to the Juul, these vapes provide 300 to 500 puffs in a variety of flavors. You won’t get all of the savings that comes with our pods, but it is hard to beat these disposables when it comes to convenience.

So if you want to keep enjoying your Juul, you can save big and get more options when you buy Juul pods empty here at Blankz Pods. We have constructed our pods to offer a secure and leak free fit so you can get back to vaping the way you have come to love. Don’t let the flavor ban force you to abandon Juuling completely, check out our shop and find the pods, e-liquids, and batteries you need to keep enjoying your favorite pod vape.

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