Miss Eonsmoke Juul Pods? Recreate them! - BLANKZ! Pods

Miss Eonsmoke Juul Pods? Recreate them!

Miss Eonsmoke Juul Pods? Recreate them! - BLANKZ! Pods
For a long time, Juul users had a lot of flavor options to choose from. Between Juul’s flavors and the pods being offered by other brands, Juul vapers could always find the flavors they were craving. Now, due to the flavor ban, Juul fans cannot find flavored Juul brand pods, Eonsmoke Juul pods, or any other flavored pre-filled pods.

This ban has left many Juul users simply unable to use their vapes. For most Juul vapers, they don’t have any issues with the device itself, they just enjoy flavored vapor. The flavored Juul pods were the most popular varieties by far, which means that this flavor ban has affected a huge portion of the country’s Juul users. This is hard for Juul, but it has also affected the industry that built up about them.

The Juul pod vape system was so popular that other brands quickly began making their own versions of Juul’s signature pods. Juul users could save money and try out different flavors by buying Eonsmoke Juul pods or any other Juul compatible pods. Sadly, the language of the flavor ban is clear on what is and is not allowed. No pre-filled flavored pods can be sold in the US, whether they are made by Juul or any other company.

That’s where we come in. Instead of lamenting the fact that you cannot enjoy these flavored pods anymore, you can take matters into your own hands. It is no longer legal to sell these pods on store shelves, but you can still create them yourself. All you need are Juul compatible pods and your favorite e-liquid flavor.

Our Blankz pods make it easy to recreate all of your favorite pods. Once you have found a flavor that you enjoy, you can easily refill your pods by removing the mouthpiece. This will expose a small plastic fill hole cover. Once this cover is removed, you can fill each side of the pod. Each pod holds a full milliliter of e-liquid, which is about 40% more capacity than a Juul pod can hold. If you miss a particularly popular flavor like Mango, you can make your own at home in seconds.

Not only can you enjoy your favorite flavors, but you can also experiment with new flavor profiles that you have probably never tried before. On our site, we offer a huge selection of e-liquid options. This means you will be able to find a new flavor that is a perfect choice for you easily.

We offer a unique option in terms of e-liquid flavors. When you look in the e-liquid section of our store, you will find a “Create Your Own E-liquid” option. This option comes with a 60ml bottle of flavorless e-liquid that you can combine with a bottle of liquid flavoring. The flavor choice is available in the drop down menu, making it easy to find the perfect option for you. Once you receive them, you can mix the two bottles in their entirety or adjust your mixture to create the perfect balance of flavor for you.

Let’s take a look at the flavor profiles offered in Juul pods, Eonsmoke Juul pods, and on our website.

Juul has historically offered a selection of eight main flavors, though they had also released several flavors in trial markets. Their main flavors are Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Classic Tobacco, Mango, Creme, Cucumber, Fruit, and Menthol. Despite these widespread tests and limited flavor releases, their main line of eight flavors are what most users think of when they think about Juul flavors.

Eonsmoke offered many flavors including Virginia Tobacco, Mango, Blueberry, Pink Lemonade, Lush Ice, Grape, Cucumber, Mint, Mango Sorbet, Silky Strawberry, Tropical Pineapple, Black Cherry, Fruit, Summer Peach, Guava Nectar, Caffe Latte, Menthol, Pomegranate, Vanilla Custard, Sour Apple, and Pineapple Crush. That is 21 flavor options from Eonsmoke alone, already a significant improvement over the Juul system.

Now let’s take a look at the “Create Your Own Flavor” e-liquid options we offer. Our current available flavors include Grape Lemon, Strawberry Lemon, Kiwi Strawberry Marshmallow, Watermelon Raspberry, Fruity Bubblegum, Blueberry, Blue Raspberry Bubblegum, Sour Green Apple, Mango Pineapple, Apple Strawberry Peach, Blue Raspberry, Lem-n Berry: Pink Lemonade, Bluetiful Disaster: Blue Raspberry Gummies, Tango Melon: Tangerine Mango Watermelon, Vanilla Cinnamon Cookie, Berry Lemon Cream, Toffee, Vanilla Cheesecake, Banana Nut Graham, White Gold: Vanilla Tobacco, Hearts: Strawberry Biscuit, Galactic Milk: Strawberry Cereal, Basic B: Butterscotch Vanilla Bourbon, Silverado: Brandy Tobacco, Real Deal Custard, Cannoli Cookie, Menthol, Mint Vanilla, Berry Ice, Tango Chillin: Tangerine Mango Ice, Watermelon Ice, and Sweet mint. That is 32 tasty nicotine salt e-liquid flavors, which does not even count our additional selection of e-liquids.

Juul, despite its success, never offered a huge selection of flavors. One of the main reasons Juul vapers made the switch to using alternative pods like Eonsmoke Juul pods is the fact that they offered a larger number of flavor options, especially fruit and dessert flavors. If that was the case for you when you were still enjoying your Juul, we can definitely offer you the ability to enjoy practically nicotine salt e-liquid flavor you can find. <.p>

The only limiting factor in selecting an e-liquid is the use of nicotine salts instead of freebase nicotine. Your traditional mod and atomizer vaporizer uses nicotine in its freebase form. Because these vapes produce large clouds of vapor, a small amount of nicotine is all that is needed. Pod vapes, on the other hand, are smaller and they produce smaller amounts of vapor. This means that they need to have a larger percentage of vaporized nicotine in the cloud in order to deliver the same effect.

Sadly, freebased nicotine can be extremely harsh in larger quantities. This means that it cannot be used to deliver the nicotine buzz folks want out of their vapes without being too harsh to vape. Nicotine salt is a form of nicotine that is naturally found in the tobacco leaf. It is slightly harder for our bodies to absorb, but it is significantly less harsh than freebased nicotine. This means that larger amounts of nicotine salt can be used when creating the e-liquid for pod vapes instead of trying to use harsh freebase nicotine. Without using these nicotine salt e-liquids, you will not be able to get the same “buzz” from your pod system that you would experience while using traditional vapes.

If you try to use traditional e-liquids in your pods, you will barely be able to detect the effects of the freebase nicotine. On the other side of that coin, nicotine salt e-liquids cannot be used in traditional vapes without delivering a massive amount of nicotine with every cloud. That is why it is essential to use the correct type of e-liquid to get the effects you would like to achieve.

Once you have found your new favorite flavor or flavors, you can easily refill your pods and enjoy them just like you would with Juul brand pods. Our pods are designed to offer a perfect fit with any Juul compatible battery. Once you have finished with your pod, all you have to do is refill it again. Every Blankz pod could be refilled up to three times before you will have to throw it away.

After three refills, or less if you are using a battery with a high voltage setting, your pod’s internal coils will start to accumulate residue that will then begin to burn, fouling the taste of your vapor. This can also cause popping and other unpleasant side effects like leaks. Even though these pods have to be disposed of after three uses, they still help to reduce the waste from your Juul device.

The coils inside of these pods are extremely small and delicate. Even though we managed to increase the e-liquid capacity of these pods, there is just no way to significantly increase the lifespan of their coils. Juul pods do not have this issue, as one full use is not enough to cause any significant build up on the coils. The coils in our pods are also too small for users at home to easily replace. Instead, all you have to do is grab a fresh pod and fill it up to keep vaping.

On top of all of the other benefits we have discussed, vaping with Blankz pods is also a great way to just down the cost of your Juul system. The use of alternative pods was popular even during the heyday of the Juul due to the high price of pods. Your average Juul pod is sold in a 4 pack for $15.99, which gives a price per pod of about $4. This price, while much less than tobacco products like cigarettes, can still add up quickly. For a pod per day user, the annual cost of pods $1460.

When you order our Blankz pods, a four pack of empty will cost $12.50. That is a cost of $3.12 per empty pod. When you consider the fact that every pod can be used up to three times, that means you are getting 12 pod uses out of every pack of pods that you buy. This leads to a cost of only $1.04 per pod use! This price point is only for empty pods, so you have to consider the cost of e-liquids as well.

When you order our create your own e-liquids, you get a 60ml bottle and a four pack of pods for $26. When you subtract the cost of a pack of pods, you are basically getting a 60ml bottle of quality nicotine salt e-liquid for $13.50. This leads to a cost per milliliter of about 22 cents. Because each of our pods holds a full milliliter of e-liquid, that brings the grand total per Blankz pod to $1.26 once it has been filled. Even if you wanted to refill and throw away your pods after a single use, you would still only be paying $3.36. That means that no matter how you use these pods, you will be saving money.

Finally, when considering your savings it is also important to remember that our pods hold more e-liquid than a pod from Juul. In fact, a single four pack of Juul pods is the equivalent of over 17 Juul pods. When you consider this difference in size, the savings of using Blankz pods with your vape brings the savings to over 70%! For that pod per day vaper mentioned earlier, that would add up to a savings of over one thousand dollars per year.

That is an even better savings than those offered by alternative pod brands like Eonsmoke Juul pods. You can enjoy the same vapor quality using your existing Juul battery. If you want to fully upgrade your system, we also offer pod batteries that offer nearly twice the lifespan of the Juul. You can also find batteries with additional features like voltage control, an on/off switch, and a battery life indicator. All of these features will help to ensure that you can get the most out of your new pods.

So if you loved using your Juul and you miss their flavors and alternative options like Eonsmoke Juul pods, we are here to offer you the last alternative pod you will ever need. When you use our pods, you gain full control over your vapor so you can start enjoying your Juul like never before. You can find more information and a full list of our products when you visit our online store. If you have any questions about our products, you can reach out through the “Contact Us” section of our site and a member of our team will happily answer you. Don’t let your old Juul collect dust, visit our site and take your favorite pod system back today.


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