Looking for the Best Refillable Pod System?

For years, the Juul was the most convenient pod vape for anyone who wanted to enjoy vaping without needing to carry a large device or produce large conspicuous clouds. While there are plenty of other pod system options, the Juul is the ideal combination of simple, sleek, and compact. Sadly, due to the flavor ban, the most popular pre-filled pod options are no longer available to consumers. If you want to turn your favorite vape into the best refillable pod system, you can use our pods to continue enjoying the best vapor flavors out of your existing Juul pod compatible battery.

The Juul was the original pod vapes and it remains one of the most efficient designs ever released. First created by Pax labs in 2015, the Juul was designed to offer an alternative style of e-liquid vaporizer that would require the hassle of coil replacement and other common vape maintenance tasks. The Juul vaporizer followed the sleek and discreet profile established by other Pax vaporizer products, though its largest innovation was its use of prefilled disposable vape pods.

Juul pods take the place of traditional vaporizer atomizers. These small transparent plastic pods contain all the major components needed to produce vapor. They contain a small wick and coil within the sealed pod of e-liquid. When users draw on the vape, a draw activated circuit in the vape battery activates the coil in the pod and the vapor travels up the vapes chimney to the mouthpiece. Every pod can deliver around 200 to 300 puffs from it’s reservoir of 0.7 milliliters of nicotine salt e-liquid.

The use of nicotine salts in their e-liquid was one of Pax’s other innovations when they released the Juul. Conventional vaporizers create large amounts of vapor and use a small concentration of freebased nicotine. The Juul was designed to produce a smaller cloud of vapor, meaning larger amounts of nicotine had to be used in order to deliver the same amount of nicotine per puff. Sadly, freebased nicotine becomes extremely harsh at such high concentrations.

That is where nicotine salt comes to the rescue. The salt form of nicotine, which is found naturally in the tobacco leaf, can be created easily from free base nicotine and is much smoother at higher concentrations. This makes it possible to take small hits of vapor while still achieving the desired effect from your vapor experience. It also became much more convenient for users who do not want to produce huge clouds every time they want to vape.

Sadly, the convenience of these vaporizers ended up being a double edged sword. The Juul exploded in popularity, becoming one of the most popular vaporizers on the market. This increase in popularity also led to more underage vapers using the Juul. In order to attempt to minimize the number of underage Juul users, the US government banned the sale of pre-filled flavored vape pods. This policy has removed all Juul pods from stores with the exception of tobacco and menthol pods.

Now vapers who loved flavored Juul pods can recreate that experience using our convenient refillable vape pods. Every Blankz pod arrives empty and can be easily filled with the nicotine salt e-liquid of your choice, turning any Juul battery into the best refillable pod system. All you have to do is remove the mouthpiece on the pod to expose two fill holes on either side of the pod’s central chimney. These fill holes will be sealed with a small plastic fill hole cover that has to be removed in order to fill the pod each side of the pod with e-liquid. Once you have added your e-liquid and replaced the fill hole cover and mouthpiece, your pod will be secure and ready to use just like any other vape pod.

Every Blankz pod can be filled up to three times. Because each pod can hold a full milliliter of e-liquid, meaning a single pod can be used to vape as much e-liquid as four Juul pods! In terms of price, our pods can also help you save over 70% versus the cost of Juul pods. For pod per day users, that savings can add up to over $1000 per year.

If you are looking for the best refillable pod system, former Juul users already have half of the equations on hand. With your Juul battery and our refillable Juul compatible pods, you can enjoy any vapor flavor you want. All you have to do is find a bottle with a flavor profile you enjoy. You can find a huge selection of e-liquids on our site. We offer bottles of flavorless nicotine salt e-liquid and bottles of liquid flavoring so you can create the perfect e-liquid for your pods. So if you are looking to enjoy the convenience of using refillable pods with your Juul, we have everything you need here at Blankz!

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