Keep Enjoying All Your Favorite Vape Pod Flavors

Once upon a time, finding pre-filled vape pods was a quick and easy process. All you have to do to find mouth wateringly delicious flavored vape pods was go to your local vape shop or just visit a convenience store. Sadly, that time has passed. Classic Juul and Eonsmoke Juul Pods offered pod users a wide range of pod options to choose from.

Sadly, the popularity of Juul pod systems led to them becoming extremely popular in every section of the population, including underage users. In order to limit the use of these products amongst underage users, the US government decided to ban the sale of all pre-filled flavored vape pods.

Now Juul lovers are limited to the natural flavor options Juul has always carried including classic tobacco, Virginia tobacco, and menthol. For many vape users, especially those with no history of tobacco use, these flavors are far from ideal. To recapture the flavor profiles offered by Juul and other brands like Eonsmoke Juul pods, you need to try our incredible Blankz pods.

These refillable Juul compatible pods fit perfectly with any Juul brand battery, meaning you can continue vaping with the supplies you already have. Each of our pods holds a full milliliter of nicotine salt e-liquid which beats the 0.7 ml capacity of Juul brand pods. Each pod can be filled up to three times before e-liquid residue will start to build up on the coil and burn, just like any other vaporizer coil. When this finally occurs, you can just dispose of the pod like you would with a Juul pod.

The process of refilling these pods takes only a minute or less per pod. All you have to do is remove the pod’s mouthpiece to expose the small plastic cover over the two fill holes. Once you remove this small cover, you can fill both sides of the pod with the e-liquid of your choice. Once this process is completed, you can seal the pod back up and use or transport them just like you would with any Juul pod.

Our customers keep coming back for more of our pods because they offer such a secure seal. Many of the products that you see on the market rely on faulty fill hole seals and specialized fill bottles that ultimately cause more leaks. When you use Blankz Pods with your Juul battery, you can pocket your vape with confidence. Some of our customers even prefer the design of our pods to the original Juul or Eonsmoke Juul pods, claiming that our pods have the best draw resistance to any other Juul compatible pod on the market.

One of the biggest advantages of using our pods is not their dependable design, but the number of options they provide in terms of flavor. Because the flavored pod ban only applies to pre-filled flavored vape pods, you can still fill our empty pods with any e-liquid flavor you want.

We offer a huge e-liquid selection including custom e-liquid options. You can order a bottle of unflavored nicotine salt e-liquid along with your choice of liquid flavor additives. By combining your choice of flavors, you can create your own unique flavor profile. With all of our flavor options, you have a basically limitless number of flavor combinations you can make to add to your nicotine salt e-liquid.

Nicotine salt is kind of the secret ingredient of pod vapes. When you are refilling your Blankz pods, you have to make sure you are using nicotine salt e-liquid if you want that satisfying nicotine hit. Traditional e-liquids that use free base nicotine have an extremely low nicotine concentration, making them a poor choice for pod vapes, which only produce a small cloud of vapor.

Free base nicotine is harsh at higher concentrations, meaning delivering a satisfying hit in a small cloud is nearly impossible. Nicotine salt, on the other hand, is smooth even at higher concentrations. This means that users can take a small rip and get a satisfying nicotine hit. For many users who are not interested in the huge clouds that traditional vape rigs produce, the small and satisfying hits from a pod are perfect. You can also choose your nicotine strength when you order our flavorless nicotine salt e-liquid.

So if you miss all the flavor options from Juul or Eonsmoke Juul pods, it’s time to give our pods a try. Don’t make the mistake of getting rid of your Juul when you can enjoy it even more than you used to with our pods. On top of their amazing convenience, you will also save big when you make the switch to our pods. With our pods and e-liquids, you can expect to save over 70% off the cost of Juul brand pods. With savings like that, grabbing a pack of our pods is truly a no brainer!

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