Introducing The Prism, Our Latest Juul Pod Compatible Battery - BLANKZ! Pods

Introducing The Prism, Our Latest Juul Pod Compatible Battery

Introducing The Prism, Our Latest Juul Pod Compatible Battery - BLANKZ! Pods

Anyone who has used a Juul vape knows that these systems offer incredibly convenient on-demand vapor. All you have to do is pop in your pod and you can start vaping. You probably already know about our refillable Juul pods, which make it easy to enjoy your favorite vape flavors using your Juul battery, but we also have been offering our amazing Blankz Battery to customers who wanted a little more functionality and lifespan when vaping. Now we are excited to announce our latest Juul pod compatible battery, the Prism.

The Prism has a distinct faceted appearance and we designed this battery to be both compact and ergonomic. Unlike the Juul, the Prism battery features a wide and almost square design. This not only looks great, but the slightly larger size means there is room to pack these batteries full of amazing features. All of the features on the prism are easily controlled using a combination of a simple push button and an indicator light. If you are looking for a Juul pod compatible battery that comes with all the bells and whistles the original Juul battery lacks, you are going to love the Prism.

The capacity of a battery is determined by the milliampere-hours(mAh) of the cell. The higher the mAh of a cell, the longer that cell can power a device. Juul batteries contain a small 200 mAh cell, which is designed to provide enough life to vape one Juul pod. The Prism contains a 380 mAh cell, which should last nearly twice as long as the Juul. You can quickly recharge the Prism’s battery using the included micro USB charger and have your battery ready to use again in no time.

Just like the Juul, the Prism is a draw activated device. This means that an internal sensor detects airflow through the device and activates the coil when you take a hit. With the Juul, this feature can have a negative impact on the battery life of the device. Because you cannot turn the Juul off, the draw activation sensor is always on and waiting for you to take your next hit. This creates a slow drain on the system’s battery.

Instead of remaining on constantly, the Prism has an on and off setting. This means that when you are not using your vape, the battery can be turned off to conserve charge. You can turn the Prism off and on by clicking the fire button five times. Whenever you want to take a hit off your pod, all you have to do is make sure the battery is on and then hold the button while drawing. Once you are finished, just click the battery off and your Prism will conserve its power until you need it again.

In addition to having these power conserving settings, you can also choose the voltage level on the Prism. This means that you can choose how much power goes to the coil of your pod when you draw. The power level you choose will influence the amount of vapor produced and the heat of the vapor. The prism has three power settings including low, medium, and high. You can switch between these settings by pressing the button three times and the indicator light will become white, blue, or red respectively to indicate which setting is being used.

One important factor to note when using different power settings is that higher settings are going to fatigue your coils. If you are using out Blankz! Pod refillable Juul pods, which can typically be refilled three times, regular use of the high setting is going to limit the lifespan of your pod. For single use pods, the high function should not cause issues.

Finally, we cannot talk about the Prism without bringing up aesthetics. Juul batteries are currently available in silver, slate grey, and black, which means you can’t always find a device that really compliments your style. When you order your Prism, you can choose between black, white, red, purple/blue, and rainbow options. Every Prism Juul pod compatible battery comes with a lanyard and a powerful micro USB charger to allow you to quickly recharge your Prism. When you are ordering your Prism, be sure to pick up some of our Blankz refillable pods or one of our custom e-liquid and pod bundles so you can start vaping all of your favorite flavored pods.

So if you have been looking for a Juul pod compatible battery, the Prism battery is a great choice. Not only can you choose a color option to compliment your style, but you also get to enjoy all of this battery’s unique features. To learn more about our batteries, our refillable Juul pods, and our custom e-liquid options, check out our shop.

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