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Flavor Ban? Time To Buy Empty Juul Pods!

So if you have been following the news, you’ve definitely heard that the vape flavor ban happened...well, it sort of happened. What started out as a mission to ban all flavored vapes has instead become a ban on all non-tobacco and menthol-flavored vape pods. This means that popular Juul flavors like mint and fruit flavors will soon be taken off store shelves forever. While this is a shame for Juul users who love these flavors, it means that now is the perfect time to buy empty Juul pods from us and start saving big while continuing to enjoy the flavor profiles you love.

Even though closed disposable pods have been banned, there are no restrictions on systems that can be opened and refilled. This means that even though you will only be able to buy menthol and tobacco Juul pods in stores, you can still fill your empty Blankz pods with any e-liquid you’d like. While we understand being sad about banned vape flavors and seeing your favorite Juul flavors go, your wallet will definitely be happy when you start vaping with Blankz and buying empty pods.

This is because Juul’s one use pods, while cheaper than cigarettes, are still extremely expensive in vape terms. A single pod costs about $4 and lasts most users 1 day. That adds up to a cost of nearly $1500 per year! When you decide to fill your own pods, the savings can be huge. To understand the difference in cost, let’s take a look at the cost of vaping with Blankz Pods versus Juul.

When you buy empty Juul pods from us, a pack of 4 blank pods costs $12.50. That’s $3.12 per pod. Now the key here is the fact that each pod can be used up to three times. This brings the cost per use down to $1.04. Now, these pods are going to arrive empty, so it’s going to cost you to fill them. Our pods hold 1ml of e-liquid and we sell 60ml bottles of nicotine salt e-liquid for $27. This means that each pod will cost $0.45 to fill, bringing the grand total to $1.49 per use!

This means that switching to Blankz pods doesn’t just give you the freedom to choose the flavors you want, it can also save you over 60% off the price of a Juul. For a pod a day vaper, that equates to a savings of over $900 per year when you buy empty Juul pods from us. All you have to do is take a few seconds to fill your empty pods with the e-liquid of your choice and you will be ready to vape.

Speaking on e-liquids, we offer a unique method for Blankz users to create their own e-liquid flavors. Our Shake e-liquids allow you to dial in exactly how much flavor you would like to pack into your pods. Simply select your flavor choice and we will send you a bottle of unflavored nicotine salt e-liquid and a small bottle of liquid flavoring. You can dump the entire bottle in for a strong e-liquid flavor or you can dial in exactly what works for you. Once you have the ratio you want, simply shake the e-liquid to combine the flavor and start filling your pods.

Using this Shake method, you can try 32 different e-liquid flavors until you find the option that’s perfect for you. Our current lineup includes 10 dessert flavors, 15 fruit flavors, and 7 menthol options. With all of these choices, you are sure to find the perfect flavor to become your new all day vape. You can also use this system to replicate your favorite banned Juul pods. Grab a bottle of our mint or mango e-liquid and soon you’ll be wondering why you were ever paying Juul’s prices for these flavors.

When you buy empty Juul pods from us, why not upgrade your entire system? In addition to our Blankz pods, we also offer a Juul compatible battery. Our battery is easily pocketable but holds nearly twice the charge of a Juul. You can also adjust the power levels to get even more control over your vaping experience. Combined with our pods, you are sure to agree that the Blankz system is the best refillable pod system on the market.

So if you’re not really to give up the flavored vape pods you love, then don’t! Buy empty Juul pods from Blankz instead and keep enjoying the flavors you love legally. To learn more about our products, check out our store and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to a member of the Blankz team through our contact page.

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