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Flavor Ban: DIY High Nicotine E-liquids

Flavored e-liquids aren’t gone yet! In the midst of sudden outbreaks of vaping related illnesses and flavor bans - stemming from illegal THC cartridges - there is a niche group of DIY e-liquid makers! 

States like Rhode Island, Michigan, and New York have all put temporary restrictions on vapor products which limits the sale of any flavored e-liquid, including menthol. That means your mango JUUL pods or our BLANKZ! Prefilled Pods may not be around for much longer! However, there’s a solution. A small, but dedicated community of DIY e-liquid makers on the popular discussion website, Reddit, often post recipes and tutorials for DIY newbies who want to take a crack at making and mixing their own flavors.

David Bellows, a moderator of the /r/DIY_ejuice subreddit, says, “We’ve seen growth since the announcements of bans and threats of bans… I think the bans will cause our community to grow explosively. But that’s because we’re a fairly small community at the moment.”

If properly mixed, DIY e-liquid can save you money, if you’re a consistent vaper and is the perfect loophole to get around flavor bans happening across the country. The ingredients used for DIY e-juices aren’t difficult to find, nor are there any legal repercussions from obtaining them. The ingredients typically include vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, and food-grade flavor extracts.

If the flavor ban has got you down, and you’re looking to become a DIY e-liquid mixer, pick up a pack of BLANKZ! and your favorite flavorings and get to mixing! However, we strongly urge anyone mixing with high amounts of nicotine to prepare your flavor creations with caution and to be properly informed before beginning. 

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