Enjoy All Your Favorite Flavors By Ordering Juul Pods Empty

Since the very beginning, the team here at Blankz Pods has been dedicated to taking Juul vaporizers and making them easier for our customers to enjoy. These little vaporizers already have a lot of amazing features that have helped to make them incredibly popular. Sadly, due to the ban of the sale of pre-flavored vape pods, the list of flavor options has decreased significantly over the last year. One way for Juul users to keep on enjoying all of their favorite flavor profiles is to get their Juul pods empty from us. Our pods are designed to work perfectly with your Juul device while also offering a lear resistant seal and an incredible value.

We started offering out Blankz refillable Juul pods as a way to give Juul users the option to choose flavors outside of the 8 standard flavors that Juul offered. Back then we were just happy to help Juul fans expand the flavors that they could enjoy. Now that Juul pods are only available in tobacco, Virginia tobacco, and menthol flavors, using our refillable pods is one of the only ways for Juul users to continue to enjoy their favorite pod flavors using their Juul devices.

The process of creating your own flavored pods starts with finding the perfect e-liquid. A lot of our customers come to us looking for a way to recreate the mint and mango flavored pods that were once so popular amongst Juul users. We offer a wide variety of e-liquid flavors including these popular options so you can always find the perfect nicotine salt e-liquids for your pods.

Using nicotine salt e-liquids is the most important thing to consider when refilling your pods. All of the e-liquids that we offer in our shop have been tested with our pods, but you can also find plenty of other salt nic options online or at your local vape shop. The higher nicotine concentrations in these e-liquids makes it easier for them to provide a satisfying hit of nicotine in the small clouds of vapor that the Juul produces.

Trying to use freebase nicotine at the concentrations needed for a pod system would create incredibly harsh vapor. Juul pioneered the use of salt nic e-liquids and now many brands have emerged creating these e-liquids to use in refillable pod systems. Luckily for Blankz pod users, you won’t have to worry about investing in a new pod system as long as you have your Juul battery and our pods.

Filling up our pods is a quick and easy process. Each pod has a removable mouthpiece that can easily be removed in a few seconds. Once the mouthpiece has been removed, you can also remove the small plastic fill hole cover in order to open up both of the pod’s e-liquid fill holes. All you have to do to actually fill the pod is insert the tip of your e-liquid bottle into each hole and carefully dispense your e-liquid, leaving enough room to replace the plastic fill hole cover without risk of leaking.

Once you have filled your pods, you can use them immediately or save them for later use. Each of our pods should hold a full milliliter of nic salt e-liquid, which is roughly 40% more than a 0.7ml Juul brand pod. This means that Juul fans should expect to get even more life out of their pods when they make the switch to Blankz.

In addition to providing more vapor per pod, our pods also can help you save. When a Juul pod is empty, all you can do is throw it away. Once your Blankz pod is empty, it can be refilled up to three times! This means that just one of our pods can vape as much e-liquid as an entire pack of 4 Juul brand pods. When you make the switch to our pods, you can expect to save upwards of 70% off the cost of pre-filled pods.

If you are ready to start enjoying flavored vapor using your Juul device, we make it easy to order your Juul pods empty so you can fill them up with any flavor you want. You will be able to find both our pods and the e-liquids that you need to fill them with. Most of our e-liquids even include the price of a pack of pods so you can make sure that you always have some pods that are empty and ready to be refilled.

For a limited time you can even purchase our concentrate ceramic coil pods which make it possible to vape oil based concentrates using your Juul device. To see all of these great products and more, check out our shop and start to enjoy the variety and the savings that comes with making the switch to Blankz Pods.

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