Empty Juul Pods and More! - BLANKZ! Pods

Empty Juul Pods and More!

Empty Juul Pods and More! - BLANKZ! Pods

Ever since the sale of flavored Juul pods was banned in the US, we have been happy to provide our customers with the empty Juul pods they need to keep enjoying the taste of delicious vapor using their Juul devices. We also carry a wide variety of other products including e-liquids, batteries, and more. Today we will be looking at all of our products so you can decide which options are best for you.

Blankz Pods

Even before the flavor ban went into effect, we have offered empty Juul pods to customers who wanted to save money and enjoy more flavor options from their Juul. Our pods are designed to offer a leak resistant seal and a perfect fit when used with Juul batteries. This made them a great choice for anyone who wanted to try pod flavors beyond the options offered by Juul.

Now that the flavor ban has gone into effect, using refillable Juul compatible pods like ours is the only way to enjoy flavored vapor using a Juul battery. Our pods are designed to hold a full milliliter of e-liquid, which is about 40% more than the 0.7 ml capacity of Juul brand pods.  This means that every Blankz Pod should last longer so you can get more out of every pod that you pop into your Juul battery.

In addition to the larger size of our pods, one of their biggest advantages over Juul brand pods is the fact that users can choose any flavor they want. Even when you could still find a variety of Juul flavor options, that “variety” usually topped out at eight options. Now that the ban on flavored pods has removed Mango, Mint, Cucumber, Fruit, and Creme pods from stores, Juul users only have Classic Tobacco, Virginia Tobacco, and Monthol pods to choose from.

By making the switch to our pods, Juul users can choose any flavor options they want. For some that will mean recreating the Mango or Mint pods that they miss from Juul. More adventurous vapers can even fill their pods with flavors that Juul never offered.

In addition to offering convenience, our pods are also a great way to save money. On average, making the switch to Blankz empty Juul pods can help users save over 70% off the cost of Juul brand pods while giving them access to delicious flavors. All Juul users have to do to fill one of these pods is find a bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid that sounds enjoyable and then fill up their pods. Once that’s done, our pods can be used just like a Juul brand pod.

Concentrate Pods

In addition to offering pods for using salt nic vape juice, we also have concentrate Juul compatible pods available for a limited time. Unlike our standard Blankz Pods, these pods are capable of vaping thicker liquids, making them ideal for concentrate vaping. The fact that these pods look almost identical to Juul pods makes them a perfect option for enjoying your favorite concentrates in a discreet manner. You can even keep both types of pods on you so you can easily switch between concentrates and e-liquids using the same battery.

The main difference between these pods and our e-liquid pods is the coil design. Our concentrate pods use ceramic coils which are ideal for vaping thick concentrates. These special coils should not be used with e-liquids, only oil based concentrates. The microporous structure of ceramic materials give them a large surface area that helps to heat concentrates quickly and consistently. If used with e-liquids, the coils can overheat and burn.

Currently we are only offering these ceramic coil pods on a limited basis, so be sure to pick some up while they’re in stock and let us know what you think. We love trying out new products, but it's customer feedback that lets us know if they work as well as we hoped. If enough concentrate users like our pods, we might have to make some more!

Using Our Pods

No matter what kind of Blankz Pods you have to fill, the process is quick and easy. We designed these pods to be used multiple times so you can either fill them ahead of time or when you’re on the go. On average, each of our pods can be used three times. The fill ports on our pods are concealed underneath the mouthpiece. All you have to do to start filling up your pods is remove this mouthpiece to expose the two fill holes, one on each side of the pod’s central chimney.

In order to fill the e-liquid chamber on our pods, a small plastic cover over the fill holes will have to be removed. Once this small cover has been removed, you can place the spout of your e-liquid bottle into the fill holes. Each side of these pods has to be filled, with attention being taken not to overfill the pods. As long as enough room is available to replace the fill hole cover, the pod should be able to be closed up without leaking any of your e-liquid.

Once you have sealed up your pods, you can immediately use them in your Juul battery or store them until you need them. We have designed and tested these pods to make sure that they can resist leaking and function just as well as any pre-filled pods. This means that you can easily keep your pods filled up and ready to use or you can keep your e-liquids ready to refill your pods in a few seconds whenever you need a fresh pod.


Our pods are a great way to continue enjoying flavored vapor, but you have to find the right flavored e-liquids in order to get the most out of your pods. If you need e-liquids for filling your pods, we have plenty of flavors available in our shop. All of the e-liquids we offer have been tested with our pods and we know that they should work perfectly.

The most important thing when choosing e-liquid for your vape pods is to find nicotine salt e-liquids. Traditional freebase nicotine e-liquids contain relatively low levels of nicotine, meaning that the vapor that these e-liquids produce is similarly low in nicotine concentration. Because pod vaporizers like the Juul produce such small amounts of vapor, it can be difficult to get a satisfying amount of nicotine from just a puff or two of traditional freebase nicotine e-liquids.

At higher concentrations, freebase nicotine can become too harsh to vape comfortably. Luckily nicotine salts, another form of nicotine, is smooth at higher concentrations. This means that nicotine salt e-liquids can contain more nicotine and deliver a satisfying amount of nicotine in the small amount of vapor. Juul was the first brand to use 100% salt nic vape juice in their pods, which is what made their vapes and pod systems in general so popular.

In addition to offering a wide variety of nic salt e-liquid flavors, we also carry a “Create your own” e-liquid option. When you order one of these products, you will receive a bottle of flavorless e-liquid combined with a bottle of liquid flavoring so you can mix your own e-liquid to get the perfect flavor strength and taste. We have over 30 e-liquid flavor options available including fruit, dessert, and menthol options.


You know that we offer both pods and e-liquids, but you still need power to start enjoying that flavored vapor. Our pods are designed to work with Juul brand batteries, but we also offer our own Juul pod compatible batteries for users who are looking for a pod mod with more capacity or features. One of the biggest problems with the Juul is the fact that they only have a small 200mAh battery. This keeps them sleek and small, but also means that some users will have to recharge their battery halfway through the day or keep multiple batteries on hand.

Our Blankz Batteries are a great alternative to the standard Juul battery. Our standard Blankz Battery has three variable power settings so users can dial in the perfect vapor experience. You can also use the battery’s button to check the battery level or turn the battery off to conserve power. The 350mAh battery gives these vapes nearly twice the lifespan of a Juul brand battery.

We also offer our Blankz 3X batteries with 650mAh internal batteries. This means that every recharge should last three times as long as the original Juul, making them perfect for all day vapers. These batteries use the same draw activated circuitry as the original Juul, so they are extremely easy to operate.

If you are one of those people who love the original compact Juul batteries, we have those too. You can find classic Juul starter packs in slate and silver. You can even pick up a 1000mAh GEM portable Juul power pack to recharge your Juul batteries when you’re on the go.

Alternative Devices

Pod vapes like the Juul offered incredible convenience, especially compared to traditional box mod and atomizer vapes. Traditional vape maintenance tasks like replacing atomizer coils and refilling tanks were completely replaced by just popping a new pod into your vape. Now that flavored pods have been removed from store shelves, self contained disposable nic salt vapes have become one of the most popular new ways to enjoy vapor on the go.

We have a few varieties of disposables to choose from, including our own Blankz Mint Disposables. All of these disposable devices offer unrivaled convenience due to the fact that all users have to do is open the box and start taking puffs. Once the device finally runs out of vapor, it can be disposed of and replaced just like a spent Juul pod. These devices are even easier to use than disposable pod systems, making them a great option for anyone who loves nic salt vapor. We carry a variety of brands and plenty of flavors so be sure to check these vapes out if you are looking for the most convenient vapes on the market.


We are also excited to now offer some delicious and calming Delta 8 gummies. If you have not tried a hemp based gummy before, these are sure to impress you! These gummies are made using Delta 8 THC extracted from hemp plants. Just like hemp based CBD products, these gummies derive their calming effects from the cannabinoid compounds that occur naturally in hemp. The 2018 farm bill helped to legally distinguish hemp from cannabis plants based on that amount of Delta 9 THC found in the plants.

Delta 8 THC is another compound found in hemp plants that can provide a relaxing effect. We have gummies in Watermelon, Peach, Blue Jazz, Jam Berry, Lemon, and Grape. Each order includes one large gummy, which most users will divide themselves into halves or quarters. The time it takes to feel the effects of these gummies can take up to 90 minutes, so it is always best to start with a small amount and wait a few hours until you know how the rest of the gummy will affect you.

Whether you have tried hemp based gummies before or not, so far all of our customers who have tried these Delta 8 gummies have loved them so we think they’re worth a try. The most common reports include a relaxing body sensation and a generally calm feeling. Next time you place an order with us we recommend giving them a try, just be sure to read more about them on the product page.  

You can find all of these products and more in our shop. Even before the flavor ban went into effect, we have been happy to help Juul users get the most out of their devices. If you need more information on our empty Juul pods or you are interested in placing a wholesale order, feel free to use the “Contact Us” section of our website to send us any questions that you may have.

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