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Empty Juul Cartridges From Blankz! Pods

In the wake of the flavor ban on prefilled Juul pods, many vapers and shop owners are looking for an alternative to these popular products. Here at Blankz pods, we manufacture empty Juul cartridges and e-liquid flavor alternatives that are perfect for Juul users who don’t want to stop enjoying the flavored vape cartridges they have grown to love. Because our pods are sold empty, they are completely compliant with the ban. Once you have your pods, you can fill them with any nicotine salt e-liquid you would like in seconds.

These pods are a perfect item for vapers and shops alike because they can be filled with any flavor the end user chooses. The selection of Juul pods sold in stores will soon be limited to only the tobacco and menthol flavor options. Popular flavors like mango and mint will no longer be available. Luckily, this ban only covers pods sold on store shelves. There are no laws in place to prevent filling empty Juul cartridges with your own e-liquids to recreate these now-defunct flavors.  This means our empty Juul cartridges are now one of the only options for users who want to continue enjoying flavored vapor with their Juul devices.

Enjoying flavored vapor is not the only reason to make the switch to our Blankz! Pods. When you make the switch, you can save up to 70% off the cost of buying pods from Juul. Each of our pods can be used up to 3 times, meaning a pack of 4 is equivalent to 12 uses. So if one pack of four Blankz pods costs $12.50, that’s only $1.04 per use. Each of our pods holds a milliliter of e-liquid. If you order the customizable e-liquids from our site, the cost per milliliter is going to be about $0.45, bringing the total cost to $1.49 per pod use. Juul pods retail for $4 apiece, meaning our pods are around 60% less. When you consider the fact that it takes four 0.7 ml Juul pods to nearly equal three of our 1ml Blankz Pods, the savings increases to over 70%!

The process of refilling our pods only takes a few seconds per pod. You should be able to fill an entire four-pack with the e-liquid of your choice in under 2 minutes and be able to enjoy them for nearly as long as 6 Juul pods. If you are not sure which Juul e-liquid alternative to use, we have 32 flavors on our site including menthol, fruit, and dessert options.

So if you are dreading what this flavor ban is going to mean for you and your vaping, we are here to tell you that you can still enjoy the flavors you love with our empty Juul cartridges. In fact, with our pods, you are free to explore new flavor profiles that Juul never offered. To learn more and order our pods and customizable Shake e-liquids, visit our online store today!

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