A Guide To Turning Your Juul Into A Refillable Pod System - BLANKZ! Pods

A Guide To Turning Your Juul Into A Refillable Pod System

A Guide To Turning Your Juul Into A Refillable Pod System - BLANKZ! Pods

If you love flavored vapor and saving money, you have probably looked into the prospect of purchasing a refillable pod system to replace your Juul vaporizer. These pod vapes make it possible to enjoy the same delicious flavor options that we once found on store shelves in pre-filled Juul pods. Thanks to our refillable Juul compatible pods, you can now turn your Juul battery into an amazing pod system to get that Juul vaping experience that you miss.

A Quick Look At The Juul

You might be wondering what exactly makes the Juul so special? These little vaporizers made some pretty huge innovations to the vape market. The Juul is a relatively small vaping device that uses simple draw activated circuitry without the need for buttons or other controls. Instead of having a built in atomizer that was designed to be refilled, the Juul was built with replaceable pods that contain an atomizer coil and a reservoir of nicotine salt e-liquid.

Nicotine Salt E-liquids

Probably the biggest innovation that the Juul vaporizer introduced was the use of nic salt vape juice. While some vape brands had experimented with adding salt quantities of nicotine salt to their vape pens, the Juul was the first vaporizer designed to operate using exclusively nicotine salts. The freebase nicotine used in traditional vaporizers becomes harsh at high concentrations. Because the Juul produces such small clouds of vapor, it is difficult to get a satisfying hit of nicotine without the vapor being too harsh. The salt form of nicotine produces a vapor that is smooth even at high concentrations. By using this unique vape juice, Juul pods were able to provide all day vaping convenience without the need for a large box mod.

Juul Pods Versus Blankz Pods

Juul’s pods feature a simple yet effective design. Each pod attaches to the battery, where power is transferred via the small electrical connections on the base of the pod. This helps to power the coil whenever air is drawn through the pod. The coil vaporizes e-liquid in the pod’s wick, which allows the vapor to be inhaled through the central chimney to the mouthpiece. Every Juul pod contains about 0.7 ml of nic salt e-liquid, which provides roughly 200 puffs of vapor per pod.

As a refillable pod system, Blankz Pods were designed to fit the Juul and other Juul compatible batteries. Our pods look similar to the Juul but they have a few differences that make them unique. The most obvious difference is the fact that our pods can be refilled. While the Juul holds only 0.7ml of e-liquid, our pods can hold a full milliliter. This means that every time you refill one of our Blankz pods, you can enjoy nearly 300 puffs before your pod will have to be refilled.

Filling Our Pods

The process of refilling our pods is a simple one. Each pod has a removable mouthpiece that exposes two small fill holes on either side of the pod’s central chimney. By removing a small plastic cover from these holes, you can insert the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle and fill each side of the pod. When filling our pods, be sure to leave a little bit of room towards the top of the pod in order to make replacing the fill hole cover easier. Once the pod is filled and the cover has been replaced, you can re-secure the mouthpiece and your Blankz pod is ready to use.

Each of our pods can be filled up to three times. At this point the pod’s internal coils will begin producing pops and the taste of the vapor might be a little off due to residue building up on the pod’s coils. Once this happens all you have to do is grab a fresh pod and keep vaping. Because our pods are slightly larger than a Juul pod and can be refilled 3 times, a single Blankz pod can vape even more e-liquid than an entire four pack of Juul brand pods!

Upgrading Your Blankz Refillable Pod System

The Juul is an extremely compact device, which makes it easy to transport and to use on the go. Sadly size is directly related to battery capacity, leaving the Juul with only enough room for a 200 mAh battery. If you are looking for an option with a longer battery life, we offer a few pod pods that are still compact, but will last longer than a Juul brand battery.

So If you have been looking for a refillable pod system to replace your Juul, look no further! With a pack of our Blankz Pods and a bottle of your favorite e-liquid flavor, you can turn your existing Juul battery into a refillable device that offers the same incredible vaping experience as the original Juul. Check out our store to find the pods and e-liquids you will need to get started as well as improved batteries if you are looking to upgrade your new pod system.

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