A Guide To the Blankz! Refillable Pod System

Pod vapes have quickly become one of the most popular types of vape devices on the market. Their small size, ease of use, and the lack of massive clouds all make these vaporizers a perfect option for discreet users to enjoy all day. These systems use simple pods which eliminates the need to maintain the wicks and coils found in a traditional box mod and atomizer setup. There are both refillable pod systems and disposable pod systems on the market. As you continue to read our vape guide, you'll find that when it comes to popular disposable pod systems, the Juul has become the most popular pod system on the market. 

Before we can understand what makes the Blankz refillable pod system unique, we need to look at the Juul disposable pod system. Juul’s success has stemmed from its simple product. Juul sells a minimalist vaporizer battery and they also offer convenient disposable pods. The battery is only slightly larger than a standard king-sized cigarette, while the fully assembled unit is almost the same size as a 100-sized cigarette, though it is about twice the thickness of a cigarette. This compact size makes these vaporizers easier to keep in a pocket or bag without issue.

The Juul battery can vape around 1 pod on a full charge, meaning they typically have to be charged daily to avoid a dead battery. The battery cell within the Juul is rated at 200 milliampere hours, which is a relatively small capacity. To compare, even the lowest capacity rechargeable AA batteries are rated at 600 mAh, while a high capacity 18650 vaporizer battery can be rated as high as 3000mAh. This low charge capacity is one of Juul’s worst features, but they attempt to make up for it by making charging simple with their USB charging insert.

One of the reasons you need to charge so often is the fact that the Juul is draw activated. This means that, even while not in use, the Juul is always on. This allows the unit to be ready at a moment’s notice. Once the user draws through the pod mouthpiece, the draw sensor is tripped and the coil heats the e-liquid, resulting in vapor production.

The pods on these vaporizers contain most of the actual vapor producing elements. Juul pods contain nicotine salt e-liquid and a miniature wick and coil setup, along with a small “chimney” for delivering the vapor to the vaper. Basically, every pod is a preloaded atomizer that cannot be refilled or adjusted in any way. One unique ingredient used in pod systems that you will not find in conventional vapes is nicotine salt e-liquid.

Unlike most e-liquids, which contain freebase nicotine, the e-liquids used in pods contain nicotine in salt form. The salt form of nicotine occurs naturally in the tobacco leaf and is more readily absorbed by the body. This means that pod vapers can get a satisfying hit of nicotine without needing to vape several giant clouds like conventional vape users. It also allows the small capacity of the 0.7ml Juul pods to hold enough nicotine to equal about an entire pack of cigarettes.

While these pods can provide a full day worth of vaping, depending on the user, they are all one time use. After the pod is empty, Juul users have to throw them away and buy a new pod. Juul pods are readily available at vape shops, convenience stores, and gas stations across the country, meaning accessibility is not an issue for Juul users. Still, when buying Juul pods, Juul users are paying top dollar for limited flavor options in these single-use pods.

Here at Blankz! Pods, we are dedicated to producing the best pod vape options for our clients. That’s why we created our Juul compatible reusable vape pods. Our pods are designed to fit into any Juul compatible battery, making them a perfect option for Juul users looking to explore new flavors, produce less waste, and save money.


Each of our pods can be refilled two to three times before they will need to be replaced. You may be wondering why our pods still have a limited lifespan, given our mission to create a reusable pod. The issue lies within the construction of Juul pods themselves. Each pod contains a small coil and wick that helps to vaporize the e-liquid. These components are too small and fragile to be made easily replaceable given the small size of the Juul pod. Some companies have developed pods with replaceable coils, but their pods are usually significantly larger than a Juul pod.

After two to three uses, the small coils in our pods will begin to build up some residue from the vapor, just like the coils used in a rebuildable atomizer. Unlike a rebuildable atomizer, you cannot simply replace these coils and keep vaping. Instead, the entire pod has to be replaced or the vapor will continue to taste worse and worse until the pod begins to crackle and leak. This is why our pods, and Juul pods in general, have such a limited lifespan.

One of the biggest, and most obvious, advantages of using our pods with your Juul system is the ability to refill them. We have designed our pods to be quickly refilled in seconds so you can go from empty to ready in no time. Instead of being limited to the handful of options from your local vape shop, you can enjoy any nicotine salt e-liquid you would like with our pods. They say variety is the spice of life, and that’s what we are here to offer our customers.

If you are looking for the perfect e-liquid to enjoy with your Blankz refillable pods, we offer a unique option on our website. You can now order a custom e-liquids direct from our site. Simply pick the flavor extract you would like to try, and the nicotine concentration you enjoy. You will receive a bottle of unflavored e-liquid and a bottle of your chosen flavor extract.

You can add the entire bottle, or you can adjust the flavor concentration to fit your personal preference. Our current flavor options include pineapple mango, tangerine mango melon ice, strawberry cereal, pink lemonade, real deal custard, strawberry lemon, vanilla cinnamon cookie, grape lemon, fruity pebbles berry lemon cream, and menthol. The flavors are available in large 60ml bottles at a great price.

And speaking of price, you may be wondering how much you can save when you use Blankz pods with your pod system. A pack of Juul pods costs $15.99 for four single-use pods which would equate to roughly $3.99 per pod. A pack of 4 refillable pods from our site costs $12.50. Assuming you get three uses from each pod, that comes to $1.04 per use. Though this figure does not reflect the cost of a pod that has been filled with e-liquid, as all of our pods arrive empty.

Each of our pods holds 1ml of e-liquid, which is already over 140% the capacity of a standard Juul pod. We also offer 60ml of our custom e-liquid for $27, meaning the cost is about $0.45 per ml of e-liquid. This means that each use of a Blankz refillable pod will cost you about $1.49 versus $3.99 for a Juul pod, a savings of 0ver 60%! Even if you only get two uses out of each Blankz pod, the cost per use is still $2.01, or half the cost of a Juul pod.

If you vape 1 pod per day, roughly the same nicotine consumption as a pack a day, Juul pods will cost you $1450 per year, which is not too bad considering the $2200 that smoking would cost. Switching to our refillable pod system can save you between $700 to $900 per year over a Juul while giving you more options to enjoy your vape. You get this incredible savings and convenience simply by taking a few seconds to fill your pods yourself.

In addition to creating these amazing refillable pods, we also offer our own battery to create the complete Blankz refillable pod system. Just like when we designed our pods, we created our battery to work with the Juul system while offering its own advantages. The Blankz battery is sleek and compact and can use both our refillable pods or disposable Juul pods. The single button on the battery allows users to control several features on our batteries.

Unlike the Juul battery, when you vape with the Blankz battery you have control over your vapor. Instead of just producing vapor when you draw, the Blankz battery offers users three distinct power levels. This means that you can produce a thick or thin vapor, or just hit at the same level you would expect for a Juul. You can change between these power levels by pressing the button three times, with the built-in LED indicating which level is currently being used.

In addition to this feature, your Blankz battery can also be turned on and off. This helps to conserve battery power when you know you will not be using your vape. If you want the draw at will convenience of a Juul, you can press the button 2 times to activate the continuous mode and push the button once more to disable this feature. When the continuous mode is turned off, you simply have to push the button to take a hit. This makes it easy to conserve your battery all day.

And speaking of conserving your battery, the Blankz pod vape battery has a 350 mAh capacity, which is close to twice the 200 mAh capacity of a Juul. This means you can typically vape two pods(or the same pod twice) on a single charge, especially if you conserve power by disabling the continuous draw function. When the battery finally runs out of juice, you can recharge it quickly using a micro USB cable. The battery has charge protection, meaning you can leave it on the charger every night without having to worry. This will ensure that you don’t run out of juice, even if you are having a vape heavy day.

So if you need a new battery, our Blankz battery is a perfect replacement for a standard Juul device. A Juul battery costs $15 for a bare-bones unit with no special features. For only $17, you can upgrade to our Blankz battery and enjoy the added battery capacity and features that come with our device. You can also save that $2 the first time you use a Blankz pod instead of a disposable Juul pod. Though we know that once you try our battery out, you will realize that $17 is a steal for this kind of quality.

Don’t settle for the standard option, we have had countless Juul users across the country praise our system after making the switch. That’s because our battery and our pods offer top of the line performance at a fraction of the price of other Juul compatible systems. The combination of our refillable pods and our reliable battery makes up what we believe is hands down the best refillable pod system on the market. We have tested both our battery and our pods and they are incredibly reliable and we have not noticed any issues with leaking or other common pod vape failures.

So if you are ready to upgrade to the best refillable pod system on the market, it is time to check out the complete Blankz! Pods system. Making the switch to Blankz is truly a win in every respect. Our pods allow you to choose your own flavors, save hundreds of dollars per year, and produce less than half the waste compared to a Juul or other over the counter pod vaporizer. To find out more about our pods, our customizable e-liquids, and our battery, check out the Blankz! Pods shop today!



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