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3 Tips to Avoid Leaking Pods

BLANKZ! 3 Tips to Avoid Leaking Pods!

It's true, we all hate the taste of juice spitting back. Not only does it taste awful, but it ruins devices! With BLANKZ! refillable JUUL compatible pods, learn how to never have a leaking pod every again! Here are some pro tips to prevent vape leaks and to maximize the use out of your pod!

1. Don't Overfill!

Excess liquid may cause the pod to leak or spit. When the black mouthpiece is taken off to fill the pod, pods should be filled about ¾ of the way to the top (about 1cm below the white plastic stopper). Just replace the transparent hole cover and you're good to go!

2. Tap Out Any Excess!

If your vape's pod is leaking, there may be too much juice inside. Put a paper towel down on a table or other hard surface. Remove the pod from your device, but keep the black mouthpiece on. Hold the pod upside down and gently tap the top of the pod onto the paper towel to remove excess liquid. 

3. Use BLANKZ! Approved Juices!

If you want to ensure 100% no leaking on your pods, buy a BLANKZ! approved juice! Find our collection of juices that have the logo 'BLANKZ! approved'. These products have great flavor and no leaking! Check out BLANKZ! California Grown Approved Juices!

If you need help learning how to refill BLANKZ! JUUL Compatible Pods, we have an article for that too!

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